Eurovision singer gushes about Meghan Markle's 'healthy hair'

The most bizarre Eurovision entry yet? Serbian contestant croons about Meghan Markle’s healthy hair secrets – and says she sings about the Duchess because she ‘supports exiled people’

  • Konstrakta, 43, from Belgrade, referenced Meghan Markle in Serbia’s entry 
  • Singing ‘In Corpore Sano’, gushes about the Duchess having ‘healthy hair’
  • Eurovision Song Contest fans have admitted it is their favourite song this year 

Serbia’s entry in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest has gone viral on social media after referencing Meghan Markle in the opening lyrics.

Konstrakta, 43, from Belgrade, Serbia, took to the stage wearing a white shirt and matching trousers to perform ‘In Corpore Sano’, which is Latin for ‘Healthy Body’ as she went up against the first 16 other countries competing for a spot in the finals.

She referenced the Duchess of Sussex in the opening lyrics of the song about health, saying: ‘What could be the secret of Meghan Markle’s healthy hair? What could it be? What could be the secret of Meghan Markle’s healthy hair? What could it be?’

The lyrics which are a blend of Serbian and Latin have been praised by fans of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Konstrakta, 43, from Belgrade, Serbia, referenced Meghan Markle (pictured) in her song ‘In Corpore Sano’ at the Eurovision Song Contest

Konstrakta who worked in architecture before becoming a musician has been performing since 2001.

She explained to the organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest that her song isn’t about the Duchess of Sussex but rather that we are living in a time where health has been given the ‘highest value’.

The Serbian singer said she hopes listeners will be able to connect to the song despite it being in two different languages.

Konstrakta said: ‘Meghan Markle isn’t that important here, but she’s representative of all those people in the media that we’re focused on. 

‘She hasn’t contacted me yet, but I’d like for her to hear it! This is a song about the atmosphere in which we’re living, which has put health as the highest value.’

Konstrakta (pictured) claims the song isn’t about the Duchess of Sussex but the importance of health in society 

After mentioning the Duchess of Sussex she goes onto sing about the importance of hydration and how skin and hair react when health needs improvement. 

Konstrakta explained that the song is designed to leave audiences thinking about the importance of healthcare as well as society’s misplaced focus on beauty standards.

She revealed why she chose to mention Meghan instead of Kate to the Informer, saying: ‘I decided to mention Megan in the song because the newspapers write that she has beautiful hair… She has more beautiful hair than Kate Middleton, let’s not lie. 

‘Kate has beautiful hats and Megan has beautiful hair. Megan is also exiled, and we support the exiled people.’

Eurovision fans have left comments underneath a YouTube video of Konstrakta’s performance claiming they will be voting for her to win. 

One person wrote: ‘This is the standout song of 2022! Each year, there is always one or two that aims to push the boundary of what we hear and see. It could be a miss or hit. This one?

Konstrakta said the song is designed to leave listeners thinking about the misplaced focus on beauty standards

‘A freaking masterpiece hit! The unparalleled artistic and musical value of this song is perhaps one of the strongest in the past years! One of my top five!’

Another said: ‘This will be the entry everyone is talking about this year. From mentioning Meghan Markle to the clapping and hand movements this has proper viral potential and will probably get people talking and consequently more votes.’

‘I love when she says ‘Meghan Markle’,’ a third commented.

A fourth added: ‘This is one of the most original songs that has ever appeared at Eurovision, a masterpiece.’

A stream of Eurovision Song Contest fans have said the song is one of their favourites this year

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