Fossils Belonging To A Previously Undiscovered Species Of Dinosaur Have Been Found In Australia

Gem-like fossils recently discovered in Australia are the remains of a previously undiscovered species of dinosaur.

We here at TheRichest find everything and anything about dinosaurs absolutely fascinating. It can sometimes be difficult to comprehend that they ever really existed. That long before humans arrived on the scene, these huge reptiles roamed the Earth. In fact, at last count, we have discovered more than 700 different species of dinosaurs once called Earth home.

However, in the grand scheme of things, very few of those species called Australia home. Despite the vast expanse of the country, up until now, fossils from just 24 different species of dinosaur have been discovered there, according to National Geographic. Recently that changed, and Australia had some pretty big news to boast about on the old dinosaur discovery front.

It was reported in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology that some unusually colored fossils were discovered in Lightning Ridge, roughly 450 miles outside of Sydney. The fossils were actually first excavated in 1986. However, due to them bouncing around between museums and its original owner, it wasn’t until recently that the bones embedded in the rocks were properly studied and the new species was discovered.

The dinosaur’s name is quite the mouthful, Fostoria dhimbangunmal. We guess the easy-to-say labels such as T-rex and Triceratops are already taken. Joking aside, the name obviously has a much deeper meaning. Fostoria after Bob Foster, the miner who originally found the fossils in 1986, and dhimbangunmal means sheep yard in Yuwaalaraay, the local Aboriginal language.

It’s amazing to think that despite already knowing about 700 species of dinosaur and the creatures dying out millions of years ago, we still continue to discover more about them. Not just info about previously discovered species, but entirely new ones. Who knows? Perhaps there are even more situations like this out there where fossils in museums belong to species of dinosaurs that we don’t yet know about. If you work with them at all, now might be the time to double check them and perhaps have them studied like the ones discovered at Lightning Ridge.

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