Four simple hacks and tips to make life easier and save money

Sometimes going to great lengths to save money can be more faff than it’s worth.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of simple ways you can cut your spending and protect your cash.

From stopping scammers to signing up for freebies, saving money has never been so easy.

Plus there’s a handy hack for making sure your precious memories are kept safe.

Know your numbers

If you need to call your bank, just dial 159 to ensure that you don’t get a fraudster instead.

When calling the 159 service, you’ll be taken through to an option menu where the name of every bank that has signed up to the service is read aloud.

You can then use your phone keypad to be put through to your bank. The idea behind the scheme is to reduce the risk of customers being scammed.

Day-out discounts

The Max Card is a two-year discount card for foster families and those with children and young people who have additional needs (up to the age of 25).

It’s provided by local authorities and selected charities and gets families free or discounted admission to attractions across the UK such as Butlins, Haven Holidays and Go Ape.

The cost of the card varies depending on the charity or local authority providing it, but can be as little as £5. You’ll need to check if your local area is covered by the scheme by filling out a few details online at

Protect your digital photos

Have you ever thought about what would happen to all your online photos and videos if you were to die?

What happens to our lovely (not-so-little) cloud then? Without your device’s password, your family will struggle to get their hands on those precious pics.

Sharing this info with someone you trust means they could, for example, find the contact details for invitations to your funeral, download stuff stored on your hard drive, and clean your devices for sale.

Freebies? Yes please!

Want a top-secret way to get free stuff? According to money-saving blogger Cashback Collette, you have to check out SoPost.

SoPost is a company that works with brands to help them promote free samples. They work as an ‘invisible’ partner and ensure sample-sized products get in the hands of potential customers.

They manage the whole process for companies. Including the content that appears in your social media feed, processing the order form you fill in, right down to dispatching the freebies you receive in the post.

Follow @sopost on Twitter and Instagram or check out for how to get SoPost samples in the UK. Easy peasy.

Kara is a freelance financial journalist and blogger, follow her on Instagram and on Twitter at @karagammell

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