Full Moon Lunar Eclipse horoscope: How the final eclipse of the year will impact you

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Those who track the Moon’s cycle and follow spiritual guidance are more likely to achieve their goals and hold themselves accountable for failures. The Full Moon is always a great time to make a change, check-in with your emotions and desires, and cut out everything that is holding you back. Express.co.uk chatted to Moon mentor and author of Lunar Living: Working With The Magic Of The Moon Cycles Kirsty Gallagher (@kirsty_gallagher_) to find out how the final eclipse of the year will impact you.

The next Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse, which happens when the Earth, Sun and Moon are lined up with the Earth between the Sun and the Moon.

The Moon is said to move through the astrological signs, so it is in a different star sign at different times of the month.

The last Full Moon Lunar Eclipse was in Gemini, and this time it is in Cancer.

Kirsty said: “The last Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse opened up a powerful gateway into a new direction and cleared all that stands in the way of your greatest expansion.

“Then came Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse, which asked you to declare what you want and find the unwavering faith that you are going to somehow be able to get there.

“Now as if by magic helping us to close off this eclipse portal and 2020 and bring us home comes the Cancer Full Moon.”

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The Moon in Cancer is a positive placement since the Moon rules Cancer in astrology.

Kirsty explained: “The Moon is fully at home in her sign of Cancer, and calls for you to do the same, to come home fully and completely to yourself.

“Your way forwards into this New Year will be lit up by the heartfelt guidance of this nurturing, intuitive, loyal and supportive Full Moon.”

The Full Moon is always a time of closure and completion, but a Full Moon in Cancer will especially help.

She added: “This watery full moon comes along to help you to process the year gone by, realise the lessons and leave behind anything that you don’t want to carry into the New Year with you.”

You may be feeling super emotional, but the Full Moon will help you to release emotions and wash away the year.

Kirsty said: “This moon will be like an emotional cleansing and purging of everything that you have bypassed or kept bottled up or avoided feeling through 2020.”

Because of this, you must allow yourself to feel all of your emotions under this Moon and let them flow.

She explained: “Remember that your emotions are messengers and it’s only from feeling, listening to and honouring these messages that you can heal and release them and be able to feel into and make room for what’s next for you in 2021.”

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The Moon has come full circle this year, helping us to start and end the year in the sign of Cancer, Kirsty noted.

She said: “What’s truly magical is that the Moon has helped us to start and end 2020 where we should truly be, at home in ourselves.

“The Moon started the year at home in Cancer with a Full Moon lunar eclipse on January 10, 2020, and now she comes back home to her sign of Cancer to help us to close this year on December 30, 2020.”

This moon is an ending to create a brand new beginning, Kirsty said.

She explained: “It is a brand new beginning in which you come back home fully and completely to yourself.

“A brand new beginning in which you love, own and accept yourself.

“A brand new beginning in which you listen to your intuition, heart and soul.

“A brand new beginning in which you find the courage and freedom to be yourself.

“A brand new beginning in which you trust and believe fully and completely in yourself.

“A brand new beginning in which you reconnect to your true north and follow the compass of your heart and the moon into the New Year.”

Kirsty concluded that this Wednesday you must “trust in the moon”. 

She said: “Let her teach you how to shine as brightly as she does.

“Follow her illuminating guidance into the New Year. Allow her to guide you home to yourself, exactly where you should be.”

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