George Millers Mad Max: Fury Road Prequel Furiosa Begins Filming

The highly-anticipated  “Furiosa,” a spin-off from “Mad Max: Fury Road” has started filming.

Chris Hemsworth, one of the film’s stars, shared a post via social media saying, “A new journey in the Mad Max saga begins.” Anya Taylor-Joy stars alongside him. The “Mad Max” prequel movie is based on Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa character from 2015’s “Mad Max: Fury Road.”

Miller calls the sequel “a saga,” which will unspool over a 15-year period, differing from its predecessor which spanned three days in its timeframe.

George Miller is set to  direct, co-write and produce “Furiosa,” along with his longtime producing partner Doug Mitchell.

Most recently, Miller revealed that  he and composer Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, will work together again on the film’s score. Holkenborg scored “Fury Road.”

As previously reported in 2020, John Seale was set to come out of his semi-retirement and work alongside Miller as the film’s cinematographer. Seale had told the New York Times, “On ‘Fury Road,’ I told George, ‘If anybody else rings, I’m retired. If you ring, we’ll have lunch.’ And seven years later, he rang.” However, Hemsworth’s photo reveals that Simon Duggan will be stepping in as the film’s cinematographer.

Costume designer Jenny Beavan returns as the film’s costume designer. Beavan won an Oscar for her work on “Fury Road.” Speaking with Variety‘s Marc Malkin, Beavan said Taylor-Joy was hoping to shave her head just like Charlize Theron did for the first film. Beavan said, “She wants to, but George doesn’t want her to. So I don’t know whether she will or not.”

The film will be produced by Miller’s own Australian-based Kennedy Miller Mitchell banner, together with “Fury Road” partner Warner Bros. Pictures.

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