Google Maps cameras capture homeowner’s rude message to internet giant in garden

Satellite mapping software Google Earth and Google Maps gives anyone the tools to explore places all over the world.

But, sometimes, this does not always go down too well with homeowners.

Daily Star previously revealed how one bloke decided to scrawl “f*** Google” on the roof of his house after a request to blur the building was supposedly denied.

And now, footage has emerged of a similarly angry message drawn in someone's garden and aimed at the internet giant.

The clip, shared to TikTok by French account @lafacecacheedelaterre on January 22, starts by the user zooming in on a location in Pennsylvania.

He reaches a green expanse just outside the city of Pittsburgh and it soon becomes clear a rather rude message has been purposely written for satellite cameras to pick up.

The message simply reads: “F U Google.”

It is not totally clear what irked the person to create the message, but the video has already attracted hundreds of comments since it was shared in January.

“That is one hilarious tribute to Google,” one viewer wrote.

Another commented: “They are really anti-Google haha.”

Plenty of other people simply commented with shocked emojis.

While the TikTok account used Google Earth to find the message, you can also find it on Google Maps using the coordinates 40.6497544 (latitude), -80.0823592 (longitude).

Users of the popular mapping tool often share their discoveries online.

Previously, Google Maps Street View users spotted a couple stripping off on a hot sunny beach.

Meanwhile, a mystery plane was spotted by Reddit sleuths – sparking a wild conspiracy theory.

One wrote: "Superficial resemblance to the Falcon Hypersonic Technology vehicle 2, but could also be a mock-up for the next generation air dominance platform that the USAF (US Air Force) is developing. Or, more likely something completely different, like a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

"I'm no aerial reconnaissance analyst!"

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