Hair expert shares popular haircut that can age you faster

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The wrong haircut can age you prematurely, while the right one can take years off your face. spoke exclusively to Nicole Petty, hair expert and Milk + Blush, about the perfect anti-ageing chop that leaves you looking younger.

Many women believe that it’s your hair colour that ages the face.

However, according to Nicole, “your haircut can age you faster than your hair colour”.

She told mature women the top chop for taking years off the face, and one surprising cut to avoid.

She stated: “Curtain bangs are one of the biggest hair trends that can be styled to suit almost any face shape and hair type.

“Simply adding an uber-chic cut can give your style an edge and make you appear younger.”

Another option is to go longer, as it can “make you look and feel youthful”.

However, the expert added the caveat that it “might not be for everyone”, so it’s best so consult a hair stylist who can determine if it will suit you.

For those who aren’t quite ready to go down the bangs route, the expert revealed there’s a way to achieve this look with colour.

Nicole explained: “Highlighted money pieces are also bang on trend, so replicate the style by gently lightening the front section to create a brighter look.”

But are there any haircuts mature ladies should stay away from if they want to maintain a youthful look?

According to the expert, there is one popular style among middle-aged women that is actually doing them no favours.

She told readers: “I’d advise avoiding the classic cuts associated with the mature lady, such as the sharp bob, and look to more modern styles.”

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A sharp, over-polished haircut can look harsh, while a relaxed cut is youthful and more modern.

Inanch Emir, director at award-winning salon Inanch London, also spoke to about the wonder that is the shaggy bob.

As opposed to a blunt bob, Inanch recommends the “shaggy long bob” which sits on the collarbone.

She called it a “flattering” cut, the perfect blend of “groomed and ungroomed”.

She continued: “It’s got that ‘just got out of bed’ look, it looks sexier. And it just looks younger.

“It’s not about having that perfect, straight blow-dry because I think that can be ageing.”

Like Nicole, Inanch would suggest pairing the shaggy bob with bags, as these can expertly conceal forehead wrinkles – “natural Botox”.

Nicole Petty is a hair expert at Milk + Blush. Inanch Emir is the salon and creative director at Inanch London.

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