Here Are All The Celebrity Cameos In Taylor Swift’s "You Need To Calm Down" Video

Taylor Swift has this whole celebrity thing on lock. Whether you like her or not, she has the media, and fans, wrapped up in her every move, and for good reason. All of the celebrity cameos in the "You Need To Calm Down" video are reason enough. Just days after the release of her second single, "You Need To Calm Down," on June 14, from her highly anticipated album Lover, the singer dropped the star-studded music video for the song, and to say it’s full of celebrity cameos would be an understatement.

The video itself is like a mini-movie that takes place in a super queer trailer park, continuing Swift’s celebration of Pride Month. "You Need To Calm Down" has already been called a gay anthem thanks to lyrics like, "Why are you mad when you could be GLAAD?" — spelled out to represent the organization Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, as seen in the "You Need To Calm Down" lyric video. With the bright colors of the last two singles and her outward support of the LGBTQ+ community, Swift has been on full celebration mode for June, and the line of celebs in the video is just another ode to her queer fans.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ever since Taylor Swift was just starting out, she’s had momentous interviews on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. From the time she was spilling tea on how Joe Jonas broke up with her, or regretting telling that story now, she and DeGeneres always seem to get on well. They even joked about how she should be in a video, and voila! In this one, DeGeneres is in a trailer, getting a tattoo of the words, "Cruel Summer," on her inside forearm.

Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds is married to one of Taylor Swift’s best celebrity friends, Blakey Lively, so it’s no question by Mr. Lively was in this new music video. He’s been known to party it up at Swift’s shindigs, including her costume New Year’s Eve bash this year. In this, Reynolds is a focused painter among the massive cake fight, busy recreating a storefront with a Pride flag, bless his soul.

Laverne Cox

Cox made her big breakthrough on Orange Is The New Black and has been trailblazing ever since. She was the first openly transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy Award in an acting for the show and of course is a LGBTQ+ advocate. And in "You Need To Calm Down," she’s the owner of a gorgeously pink, flamingo-paradise of a trailer home, causing Chester Lockhart to faint with her gorgeousness.

Katy Perry

The feud that went on between Swift and Perry is pretty well-known. The latter hasn’t shied away from it in what she’s said, but Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have made "peace at last," per Perry’s Instagram, and her surprise inclusion in this video is an iconic end to it all. She’s in her Met Gala burger outfit, and Swift is in a cute fry costume. They hug and it’s a sweet end to the video.

Queer Eye’s Fab Five

Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, and Tan France are icons at this point thanks to their Netflix original series and are basically adored by anyone with an account. Tan France is first seen in the video downing bit of tea straight from the pot in the gaze of bigoted protesters. Then they’re all having tea with Lady Swift in a rather posh placement setting. Fabulous, as always.

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