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THE Girlfriend Experience is a TV drama showing on Amazon following fictional female characters in the world of escorting.

Season one is loosely based on the film of the same name, that sees a student and law firm intern trying to establish herself, handle her workload and keep on top of her finances – the latter which she soon finds easy after discovering escorting.

Christina, played by Riley Keough, is introduced to this new world by a fellow classmate – and Keough plays the role so well, that she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award.

The show fascinated viewers enough to warrant a second season – and it saw the two main writers from series one go their different ways to produce two parallel second seasons that focus on completely new characters.

Rather unexpectedly, the two don't entwine.

  • Watch The Girlfriend Experience on Amazon free – watch here

If The Girlfriend Experience has intrigued you, it's available now on Amazon Prime.

With a simple sign up to a Prime free trial here, you can get a 30-day free membership – so you won't need to pay a single penny to watch The Girlfriend Experience.

If you don't want to continue with Prime, remember to cancel before the end of the period because you will be charged automatically.

You'll have just under a month to watch the 27 episodes. It's pretty easy to binge though, as each instalment is just 25-30 minutes long, so you should have plenty of time to watch the entire programme.

Of course, the shows writers deciding to form two parallel stories rather than collaborating in season two was unusual.

But it did allow Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz to be creative individually.

Kerrigan's season 201, is set amongst the US mid-term elections and is about a complex relationship between Erica, a finance director and Anna, an escort.

Erica looks to Anna for help when she wants to blackmail a high-powered dark money fundraiser to help her meet fundraising targets that are getting on top of her.

Seimetz' season 202, is about a former high-end escort, Bria, who goes into a Witness Protection Program to help her escape an abusive relationship.

After a relocation, she soon starts up again as an escort, not being able to resist the allure of the money or being lavished with gifts.

In an interview with Variety, Kerrigan said: "We respected each other’s work, and I think we have mutual respect as filmmakers, so we read each other’s scripts and watched each other’s episodes, but really, we just did our own thing."

It's a show that's certainly intriguing, so Prime is the place to go if you want to watch.

Remember to cancel your subscription before the 30 days is up, or you'll be billed.

Should you want to continue with Prime, including next day postage on Amazon items, it costs £7.99.

A subscription to Prime Video alone is cheaper at £5.99.

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