Husband has heated row with teacher wife after telling their son the ‘truth about maths

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The man took to the popular Reddit threat “AITA” (standing for “Am I the A**hole”) to see what people uninvolved in the argument thought of his behaviour. According to the husband, his wife is a maths teacher – which only intensified their conflict.

Writing on Reddit as user Individual_Truck5184, the man said: “My wife is a high school maths teacher. Maths is her passion, and she loves teaching. She has always been a maths wizard and thinks maths is this super fun subject that is enjoyable and relaxing.

“When he was five she started teaching him all the maths she could. When he was in grade 1 he aced the class because he’d learnt all of it before from his mother. This essentially made her think that her teaching him advanced maths was a good thing and pretty much all their time together is maths related.

“By grade three he was doing algebra. He’s a bright kid, and at first he was really interested in maths because “It helped him understand how the world works”

He went on to explain that their son was now further into primary school, but his wife was already teaching him secondary school material.

The husband added: “He’d been losing interest for a while because the maths was slowly drifting away from real world application and into ‘(X +6)(X+7), solve for X’.

“That’s where he began to lose interest, and because he’s obviously young and not really ready for that kind of maths yet, she had to push him insanely hard to get him to do well in it.

“There were days where she’d come home from work and my wife would immediately start drilling him with maths.”

As time went on, the couple had been arguing more and more because their son wanted to play on his games console with his friends instead of doing maths.

On one occasion, the mother left the room because she had to attend to something and her son threw his pen on the ground and started crying.

Their son asked why maths was even needed, because he could not see use for it outside of school exams and, to his wife’s dismay, the man told his son that “80% of maths is useless in the real world”.

Continuing his Reddit thread, he said: “I have barely come across grade 9 level Trig and have never seen high school algebra, or calculus outside of school and maths related fields. I did tell him that maths was important to get into colleges, but I don’t think he should be worrying about that when he’s not even in middle school yet.

“After this I got into a huge fight with my wife where she was screaming at me for impeding their relationship. I told her that their relationship can’t just be maths.”

Reddit users shared their thoughts on whether or not he was in the wrong.

One said: “ESH [Everyone Sucks Here]. I’m a maths teacher. Forcing maths (or any learning) down young children’s throats does more harm than good.

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“My daughter is talented at maths. We do no maths together at home beyond her school work – she is 5, she needs to be 5, so when she is home she plays, spends time with her family, has fun. However I can’t tell you how bloody difficult it is to teach a child at secondary level who has a commentary from home of “maths is pointless, you’ll never need this” etc.”

Another added: “That doesn’t make it ESH. He’s a kid for crying out loud, and the father just pointed out some home truths. NTA [Not The A**Hole].”

A third said: “NTA. A lot of my job is maths. So how useful it is depends on the direction you decide to go. I don’t think he should be worrying about that when he’s not even in middle school yet.

“This is what makes you NTA. Let the kid be a kid. Your wife’s approach sounds like it will probably make him hate maths.”

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