I got £4,500 compensation because my mouldy council home had MUSHROOMS growing in the bedroom

A MUM won £4,500 in compensation from her local council after her home became so damp that mushrooms started growing in her bedroom.

Mrs Balogun was given a two-bedroom council flat in Canning Town, east London in 2019, but she quickly discovered it was damp-ridden.

The resident contacted the local authority Newham Council about the problem over a period of two years but the issue was not solved.

The problem was caused by a leak in the roof, which led to damp and mould covering the ceiling and walls.

Mushrooms even started to grow out of her bedroom carpet, and her clothes and soft furnishings were ruined, The Mirror reported.

Other problems with the flat in Rowling Court included a missing living room doorhandle – which left her locked in – and a broken shower cubicle that could not hold water.

After she sought legal advice, Newham Council admitted liability for the problems and awarded Mrs Balogun £4,500 in compensation.

High Street Solicitor's housing expert, Larissa Ellis said: "No one should be living in such poor conditions in the 21st Century.

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"This particular tenant had been ignored for a long period of time and was living with a dangerous amount of damp and mould in her bedroom, as well as multiple other issues.”

Rokhsana Fiaz , the mayor of Newham, said the council has since set up a damp and mould taskforce and has invested £96million in its houses.

She said: “Every resident deserves to be in a home that is of a decent standard and to be treated with respect.

"The council was clearly in the wrong in this case and I am determined to make sure this does not happen again."

What are your rights if your home is damp?

It's estimated that almost 2million Brits are living in homes with hazards that pose a health and safety risk – including mould.

If your flat is damp or mouldy, it could be down to your landlord to sort it out, but only in some circumstances.

Your landlord should fix the issue if it's caused by a repair problem or it is affecting your health and safety.

For example, damp and mould could be caused by these issues:

  • leaking internal pipes
  • broken heating systems
  • missing roof tiles or faulty guttering
  • cracked walls or rotten window frames

However, it's also down to tenants to do their bit to prevent a damp problem.

According to housing charity Shelter, there are steps you can take to reduce condensation in your home.

For example it can help if you:

  • cover pans when cooking
  • use extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms
  • close internal doors when cooking or showering
  • leave a gap between furniture and external walls
  • dry clothes outdoors or use a vented tumble dryer
  • open bedroom windows for 5-10 minutes when you get up

Shelter provides information and support if you want to complain to your private landlord, council or housing association.

The Sun spoke to a property expert who said most people have been getting rid of mould in the wrong way.

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