I have worlds biggest feet and had to decide if I entered foot fetish world

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    The woman who has the biggest feet in the world said she often turns turns down foot fetish photo requests – and has no intention of making money from her trotters.

    Tanya Herbert's right foot measures 13.3 inches, with her left foot slightly smaller at 12.79 inches, and she finds it really tough to find shoes that fit her.

    The American, who is 6ft 9 inches, is only just three inches shorter than the world's tallest woman – Rumeysa Gelgi.

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    According to The Mirror, her size regularly makes life difficult in more ways than one.

    When she was growing up it was really hard for Tanya to find shoes that fit her, and she'd often have to opt for men's' tennis shoes instead.

    Even though many people get astounded by her large trotters, she said she's never been keen to make money off them.

    Many people have contacted Tanya online asking her if she'll send them snaps and videos in exchange for cash.

    "I never got on social media to be an object of affection or anything like that, or to go into foot fetish world," she told the Guinness World Records website.

    "Growing up I was always the tallest around.

    "My mum was 6ft 5 inches and my dad is 6ft 4 inches, so I had no choice but to be tall.

    "I would buy some of the largest shoes I could find online, and manipulate those to extend them out a little longer, and make them a little wider so that they would fit my feet.

    "My parents gave me a very healthy self-esteem growing up, so I didn’t think of being tall as a bad thing."

    Tanya said she can't remember experiencing bullying for her height, and said her friends always took "great care" of her to ensure she was happy.

    Coaches always wanted her to play sports like basketball, but she was more keen to put her head down and study.

    She hopes telling her story will help send shoe manufacturing companies an important message that more needs to be done to cater for women who require bigger sizes.

    She added: "Women struggle with size 12 or 13, trying to find shoes, and I’m size 18.

    "You can find men’s size shoes easily, but trying to find women’s shoes is impossible or extremely unaffordable."

    Tanya also previously decided to have gastric bypass surgery, and said it was the best thing she's done.

    She now uses social media to document her weight loss journey, and she said sharing her story with people has been a "roller coaster of emotions."


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