I spent years sucking in stomach but now I love to flaunt my rolls

A fitness babe spent years sucking in her tummy – but now she proudly shows off her bod.

Danielle, AKA Kale Them With Kindness on Instagram, is known for sharing fitness advice online.

In a recent post, she celebrated her natural figure in all its glory.

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While wearing gym leggings and a sports bra, she snapped two pictures of herself a mere seconds apart.

One revealed her posing and sucking her tummy in, while the other showed her sitting naturally with her tummy folds exposed.

Danielle looked amazing in both pictures, which she placed side by side – but said she's been much happier since she learnt to embrace her bod.

She told her followers she spent years trying to cover up her body because she wanted people to think she had a flat stomach.

Writing on Instagram, Danielle said: "I spent years constantly sucking in or using a cushion or my arms to cover my belly when I sat down.

"I was afraid of people seeing I didn’t have a flat stomach.

"I hated my comfortable body, but our bodies deserve to be appreciated in all their forms, posed, relaxed, comfortable etc. our body always deserves respect, love and kindness.

"Our bellies don’t need to be hidden away or unloved for having rolls or fat, it’s okay to not be 'perfect', it’s okay to just be YOU my lovely.

"I know it’s hard scrolling on here thinking everyone looks like they walk around with their posed bodies 24/7 but they don’t, I promise.

"Sending all my love to you, please be kind to yourself."

Since she opened up about her journey, more than 5,000 people have liked the post.

Several people also commented to thank Danielle for being so honest about body image.

One person said: "Content everyone needs to see."

A second commented: "This post is amazing. So are you beauty."

A third also added: "How I wish my thirteen year old self could see this post.

"Truly everything you post, but this one takes me back. Love what you do. It's so important."


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