I took on 9-5 job as an escort to pay for my kids – and it transformed my life

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UK porn star Rebecca More has told how she went from a single parent struggling to pay the bills to “being on a yachts in Miami” and jetting around the world as an escort.

Rebecca, who hit social media stardom in 2018 after an explicit video with adult star Sophie Anderson went viral, told Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast how she was working as an escort before going into porn and how it transformed her life.

As a single parent she said it was possible to have a secret double life as an escort that brought in money and gave her plenty of time with her kids.

“I love it and I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction and that you get back what you put out,” she told the podcast.

“I went to law school and I worked at the Citizens Advice Bureau and I kind of had this little side job which was really exciting then. I’ll never get that back now because I’m a porn star, the fact that no one knows you and you are a secret hooker.

"I’ll never have that moment back because people know who I am. It's an amazing thing to do – to have a normal job and have this little secret."

She said that she didn't need a boyfriend and could have sex whenever she wanted.

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"It changed my life, I was a single mum and I just liked sex as well, when I was studying and I had free time I would go and see a guy but I’ve always been mum and dad to my kids so I had to manage my needs, fitting it in when they were at school," she said.

"It just worked perfectly because you can have a career in escorting during the day, you can do a 9 to 5 and make great money and spend more time with your kids so it was a no brainer for me and I’ve been married. I’ve had kids and I was like I don’t give a f*** what this does to a relationship, I don’t need a boyfriend, I can have like 20 a week if I want and I’ll get paid for it."

Rebecca admitted that escorting has been great for her but that there is a "dark side" if people don't take care.

She said: "It was a perfect marriage for me and I was done caring what people thought.

"I’ve got kids no one is paying them for me, I’m going to pay them myself, I’m going to have this great life and I did. I had never travelled outside of Europe, all of a sudden I’m being flown all over the place, getting paid, one minute I’m on a yacht in Miami, I’m just having the time of my life.

"I had gone from broke single parent to this amazing life so I have nothing but good to say about that world but it’s not for the faint-hearted there is a dark side if you haven’t got your head screwed on right."

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