Ikea to sell spare parts in a bid to make furniture more sustainable

Sometimes a piece of furniture is perfectly useable but when one little piece breaks, you have to throw the whole thing away.

In a bid to be more sustainable, Ikea plans to sell extra parts including table legs and armrests, to allow customers to just replace bits of their existing furniture and give it a new lease of life.

While the brand already offers many things like sofa covers for some models for sale separately and it provides spare screws and bolts for free, it plans to expand to offer a bigger range of replacement parts.

Lena Pripp-Kovac, chief sustainability officer at Inter Ikea, told the Financial Times that they are currently testing various products but plans are in an early stage and no launch date has been announced yet.

The move is part of the brand’s drive to make products last longer and prevent people from seeing the furniture as disposable.

Last year, Ikea launched a buy back scheme where customers can bring selected unwanted items to store and in return, they’ll receive an Ikea voucher for up to 50% of the value.

Ikea then sells on the second-hand furniture and anything that can’t be sold will be recycled.

Products that are eligible for Buy Back include dressers, office drawer cabinets, small structures with drawers, display storage and sideboards; bookcases and shelf units; small tables; multimedia furniture; cabinets; dining tables and desks; chairs and stools without upholstery; chests of drawers; children’s products excluding baby items and PAX accessories.

Back in 2019, another scheme saw people renting furniture from the store, rather than buying it, meaning they could return it and stop paying when they no longer needed it.

The brand’s goal is to be a ‘fully circular and climate positive business’ by 2030.

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