I'm Filling the Game of Thrones Void by Admiring This Fan's MOVING Lego Creations

Jonas Kramm’s Reddit Video of His Moving Game of Thrones Lego Castles

There’s no denying the passionate fan base behind Game of Thrones, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a viewer with the same dedication as Jonas Kramm. The self-proclaimed “LEGO-obsessed design student” from Germany re-created the famous castles from the HBO show’s title sequence using tiny building blocks, and recently shared his designs in a Reddit video. Yep, the castles move, just like in the opening credits.

Kramm’s miniature creations spare no details. The Winterfell model shows off an iconic Weirwood tree, the Titan of Braavos wields his broken sword, and, of course, The Wall’s elevator lifts up and down. Kramm offers instructions for a couple of the designs on his website, but admits he won’t be sharing any others. “Maybe if the the final season was received better, I would have found the motivation,” he wrote on Reddit. Welp, at least we’ll always have the title sequence (and Kramm’s castles) to remember GOT‘s legacy by.

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