Im judged over ring – my family say fiancé should spend more to prove love

A wedding and lifestyle has hit back at trolls who mock her engagement ring and others.

Claudia Oprya, who posts online as @partygirlclauds, shared a scathing rant aimed at trolls who she has seen putting people down for their rings when their partners have popped that question.

The 25-year-old, from Sydney, Australia, says the cost or material the ring is made with doesn't signify how much a man loves you and shouldn't have any bearing on saying 'yes'.

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Claudia has been engaged since July 20, 2022, and dons a $4,600 (£2.5k) ring designed by @The_Fancy_Cut on Instagram.

But despite its price tag, the TikToker is still judged by others because it's not a diamond.

Her ring is made from moissanite, which is a carbonite stone, with a similar appearance to a diamond.

However, she is always honest about the material – which has led her to be trolled by people who think the stone is important.

"When people think my ring is a diamond they say ‘Wow, good for you’ or ‘You did well’, implying that my partner is ultra-wealthy and I’ve picked the right guy," she said.

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"When they hear it’s not and it’s moissanite they say; “Oh, it’s still nice.” I think to myself, it’s a $4,600 ring?!

"That’s a lot of money and we understand we are privileged to have been comfortable with that number, it’s not the case for many couples.

"The women in my family certainly exhibit signs of internalised misogyny and have commented on how the ring should have been more to prove his love. I completely disagree with that."

Claudia says it's an "exhausting" conversation which needs to end and she's "tired of the bullying and snide remarks".

"No shade to the women who truly want an expensive ring, you do you," she added.


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