Inside Rebecca Loos’ incredible walk-in wardrobe with pricey designer pieces and sentimental wedding gift from husband

Rebecca Loos was a familiar face splashed across tabloids in the noughties, but the lad-mag favourite has since moved to Norway to get away from the showbiz lifestyle – and took all of her incredible clothes from her years in the spotlight with her.

After the star candidly opened up about how her life in Norway is drastically different to her past life in London, in an exclusive video, the mum-of-two gives OK! VIP Club members full access inside her incredible wardrobe which is full of glamorous gowns, while she also shows off the clothes she’s sporting in her new life, where she has trained to become a yoga teacher and works on the front line as a coronavirus tester.

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Rebecca, who was accompanied by her tiny dog, stood in front of her walk-in wardrobe with a sliding door and welcomed us inside to take a glimpse, where the shelves are stacked with designer high heels.

The 43-year-old started the tour by showcasing her ultimate winter wardrobe essential which she loved so much that she wore it for the duration of our exclusive guided tour. The former tabloid favourite told us that the baggy oversized jumper dress is a must-have in the Oslo cold.

She told us: “I live in it all day because it is so gorgeous and warm.”

It isn’t surprising that the former reality star, who now spends her days in a downward dog pose, picked out tight yoga sportswear as the outfit that resonates the most with her. The glowing blonde showed off a pair of rusty orange yoga tights which have an aztec print on them and a white boxy style T-shirt as the pieces of clothes from her wardrobe which showed off her personality the most.

“This here is from a brand called Run & Relax, it’s a Norwegian brand and they recently did a collaboration with Holzweiler and I’m wearing them here, so they’re my favourites.”

Also in Rebecca’s haul is a floral flamenco shawl which was positioned proudly in front of her open closet. The former reality star, who is now fluent in Norwegian, revealed that the white-coloured fringed piece is one of her favourites as it has a heartfelt meaning to her.

Explaining the sentimental meaning behind the item, she said: “It’s a flamenco shawl from my Spanish grandmother, she gave it to me, and she wore it, it was hers and it’s really beautiful."

After her glamorous past, Rebecca isn’t shy of owning her fair share of designer items. We spotted the impeccably organised Jimmy Choo high heel collection and had to find out what the priciest piece in her wardrobe was. She remained humble as she revealed: “I have one Chanel handbag; it was given to me by my husband when we got married.”

The TV star met her husband on reality show, 71 Degrees North, and fell pregnant soon after. She has two sons with partner Sven Christjar Skaiaa and shared the story behind her designer wedding gift with us.

“He’s not a fashion person he had never heard of Chanel or Christian Louboutin or anything, Jimmy Choo, he thought that was a restaurant. So that tells you a lot about him.

“It was really sweet because apparently he spent four hours in the shop trying to decide whether he should get the smooth skin or the rough skin or gold or silver and he took it really seriously and so this was my gift from him when I got married and I love it.”

Rebecca was a regular on the red carpet and attended fancy events during her time in the UK, but this isn’t the type of life she leads anymore. The parent-of-two has swapped out her stilettos for hiking boots and log fires, as she’s adapted to the freezing temperatures of Norway.

The former model admitted that it was hard to pick only one item which could be cleared out, as she explained a lot of pieces in her wardrobe have had enough time in the spotlight. She reached back into the depths of her huge wardrobe to pull out a silver sequinned mini dress, which had clearly not seen the light of day in a very long time. “I’ve got a lot of clothes here from when I lived in London and you know I used to go to parties and dress in high heels all the time and obviously when am I going to wear this? Never.

“I still like to keep them so I’ve got some pieces that I’ve kept for special occasions but there’s too be honest a lot here I could get rid of and I have already got rid of a lot but there’s more to come.”

Finally, it’s clear that Rebecca’s shoe collection is one to be envious of. However, it’s one of her most recent purchases which she is particularly happy with – a pair of white trainers. A woman after our own hearts, Rebecca showed us that she is a fan of the reduction rack.

The yoga teacher unboxed the fresh kicks and told us: “I bought them in the sale, and they are a pair of trainers, really nice and comfy and easy to match with a lot of stuff, so they’re a nice pair of just plain and simple white flats with some tan in them.

She explained that they may not be the most practical of footwear, however, given the current climate in Oslo. “I think they’ll be great for the summer and spring. We’ve still got snow here so I’m not wearing them yet but I couldn’t resist them.”


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After sharing a close look inside her wardrobe, Rebecca reflected on how it's not just her choice of clothing that has changed over the years, as she candidly opened up on her very different past in London.

Rebecca, your life seems so calm and peaceful!

It’s not always that peaceful! [Laughs] Married life, two kids and two dogs – mind you, it’s peaceful in a different way to how my life was before!

Well, indeed. You seem settled.

I am. I have a Norwegian husband and the boys are at really nice ages. I’m enjoying every moment before the teenage hormones kick in! We have a very active, outdoorsy life. Liam and Magnus are very sporty and there’s a lot of focus on nature, which is important to me. Norway really is a wonderful place to bring my children up and I think it’s the best thing for them, to appreciate the outdoors.

Was leaving London a wrench?

I loved being in London but I was happy to go for it. After 10 years there I figured I was meant to try something new. Some of my London friends were against it. They warned me not to move without a ring on my finger, one that was at least three carats. That is so not who I am and it wasn’t what was important.

Did you fall out with them as a result?

No, but I was the first of my friends to get pregnant. Some of us did eventually drift apart.

Were they showbiz pals?

My showbiz friends were not the people I would’ve called first in that situation [laughs]! I’m still in touch with a few people from reality shows on social media and I head back to London at least twice a year to catch up with my closest friends.

And now life is completely different!

Ha, it is! I’m a vegetarian,I teach yoga, I like to go to bed really early and wake up early. I used to leave the house at 9pm and come home at 6am. Now I’m in bed by 9pm and up at 6am! My life has literally turned around. We’re forever evolving and that was a nice phase in my late twenties. It had ups and downs but when motherhood came along, life changed. It was a gift to move here. I have different priorities.

Do you have any regrets about that time?

Oh, tons! I made a lot of bad decisions, I trusted a lot of people I shouldn’t have.

To see inside Rebecca’s wardrobe, watch the video above!

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