Inside The $150K A Year Concierge Service Offered By Sienna Charles

Ten years ago, Jaclyn Sienna India saw a need that may not be on many people’s radar – ultra-luxurious travel accommodations for the mega-rich. We’re talking about past presidents, celebrities, and wealthy businessmen and women who are willing to pay for the ultimate experience.

While many travel companies suffered greatly at the hands of the global pandemic, India watched her company skyrocket in financial profits, lists of unique requests, and out-of-the-box ideas. Here’s why.

What Sienna Charles LLC Offers

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India travels more than 200 days per year, personally vetting accommodations, dining, luxury spas, transportation, and much more. She’s been to over 90 countries, according to the Sienna Charles website, and the goal is to offer anything a client needs or wants at the drop of a hat.

For just $150,000 per year, clients can go to India and ask for a trip to a remote island with top chefs, spa treatment, nanny services, and anything else they can dream of, and India makes it happen.

Her clients want the best chefs, the best seat at the restaurant, and the best experience the location has to offer.

The client list is small, with just 100 members at this time, including former President George H.W. Bush and Mariah Carey.

India works to understand who each client is, including their preferences and desires. Each member meets with India prior to joining the club and shares information about their passions, from art to family to adventure. The team at Sienna Charles then works to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for their client, leaving no stone unturned.

Not just anyone can join. Prospective members must be worth at least $100 million and, according to her, has to get along well with the Sienna Charles staff.

Success in Unpredictable Times

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While many tours and travel companies have sought bankruptcy or closed their doors during the global pandemic, Sienna Charles has found an increase in clientele and their desires. Why? Because the ultra-rich could afford to travel, vacation, and relax on private yachts and private planes, able to social distance and avoid the fear of COVID.

India shared with Luxury Travel Magazine how clientele began shifting their requests.

Instead of renting a mansion on the coast of a beautiful country or staying in a luxury hotel, clients preferred to purchase a second home at their favorite vacation destination to ensure safety and privacy.

In fact, India claims luxury hotels are becoming a thing of the past, mainly because the word ‘luxury’ is changing. It’s not so much fancy, but personal. Individualized treatment is the new ‘luxury’, and in light of the pandemic, what was once luxury was halted: breakfast included, and spa treatments were canceled.

India says many high-net-worth travelers have leaned toward private yachts or private villas to accommodate the lack of services, even from what was once considered luxurious.

They began requesting longer trips versus several short trips, planning to sit tight through the pandemic, and they wanted to bring their entourage with them: chef’s personal assistants, coaches, and other experts versus relying on individuals outside their bubble.

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Going Above and Beyond

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, India spent her time during the pandemic breaking barriers, researching and snagging unique finds for her clients.

In the height of travel limitations and bans, she regularly secured travel to hard-to-enter locations. She’s negotiated with celebrities to appear at the birthday party of a client’s child, and she’s secured the sold-out Richard Mille watch and a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon for clients simply because they requested it.

A Growing Business

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More and more, India reports the requests of her clients are growing.

Clients rely on India to make things happen and have begun to ask for things outside of luxury concierge travel. Some want to find the perfect person to build their luxury yacht, decorate their private plane or provide interior design to a home or vacation home.

With India’s experience and connections, she’s able to find real estate in cities many wouldn’t have access to, including homes in Aspen and St. Barts. The lifestyle concierge firm has reported more clients are looking to secure citizenship and passports for multi-country travel.

She’s committed to servicing each client with anything they can conjure up, calling the new list of desires ‘more collaborative’. For example, during the pandemic, there was a shortage of private chefs, and India set to work recruiting from the world’s top restaurants.

With the right amount of funds, anything you desire will be at your fingertips, thanks to Sienna Charles, LLC.

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