I've been scammed by a woman I met online after I lent her £2k

DEAR DEIDRE: I THOUGHT I’d met the love of my life online but fear I’ve been scammed.

She’s 24 and I’m a 45-year-old single guy. My friends encouraged me to try online dating, so I put up a photo of myself in my thirties when I had more hair.

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I lied about my age and was matched with this woman.

We would text every night and got into FaceTime. She’s very pretty and it felt like a real connection.

Our chat turned to sexting and we had sex on camera. She lives an hour away from me but I don’t drive and she was constantly offering to come to mine.

After a while she started asking for money, just a tenner here and there.

Then she wanted two thousand pounds for car repairs.

I agreed to lend it to her and sent an agreement, thinking if she bought a new car, she’d come to see me.

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Now she’s dropped the bombshell­ that she’s pregnant.

Obviously, it’s not mine. I feel like a first-class idiot.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You are not the first to be taken in by a romance scam.

Your agreement should have been signed by both of you at the same time and witnessed by somebody. Contact the Small Claims Court for advice (gov.uk/make-money-claim, 0300 123 7050).

My support pack Love Online shows you the pitfalls, which will help when online dating.

Check out meetup.com to expand your horizons and maybe you can find a new relationship through a mutual interest.

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