Jazzy Beats: 8 Richest Jazz Musicians

Jazz is one form of music that has made the American music culture even richer, and it also broadcasts the blooming talent of artists from all communities.

Back in the 19th and early 20th-century jazz and the blues became famous as a form of music that inspired pure passion and a burst of emotions. When it comes to the technical aspect of it, the specialty of jazz music was in improvising the pitch and timbre, and sometimes even breaking certain music norms to create special effects with polyphonic ensemble playing.

Every jazz legend has reached a glory point in their music career by improvising their art to create a new tradition within the ever-evolving genre. However, jazz is known to have its roots in blues and ragtime music.

Here are some of the richest jazz musicians of all time.

8 Ella Fitzgerald

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When one thinks of Ella Fitzgerald, the first thing that comes to mind is the iconic duet performances by Louis Armstrong and Fitzgerald. But Ella single-handedly transcended the strict norms of jazz, if there were any, and turned it into something else altogether.

Thus it does not come as a surprise when JazzFuel lists Ella Fitzgerald as one of the best jazz musicians of all time and one of the richest. She had a net worth equivalent to almost $10 million at the time of her death in 1996.

7 Louis Armstrong

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Louis Armstrong is undoubtedly a legendary name when it comes to jazz music and is one of the most popular. Songs like What A Wonderful World took the world by storm. He showed his insane skills while creating new music.

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Jazz fans practically consider Armstrong to be the founder of the music genre. Other than singing, Armstrong’s forte was the trumpet. The jazz legend had an impressive net worth of about $10 million at the time of his death in the year 1971. That year was a tragic one for all jazz enthusiasts. Armstrong is also considered by many to be among the immortals of jazz music.

6 Wynton Marsalis

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One important aspect of music is lyrics, as it works hand in hand to create the desired effect upon the listener’s ears. Wynton Marsalis is such a jazz artist who won over the audience with the power of lyrics.

The poetry behind jazz found expression in Marsalis’ works, and thus, his contribution to jazz is one of the most crucial. He is also one of the best when it comes to an understanding how jazz works. Marsalis has a fancy net worth of approximately $14 million at 59, and he is also a well-known trumpeter.

5 Miles Davis

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Miles Davis is another well-known pioneer in jazz music; he added several stylistic developments to this genre of music. Miles Davis is also one of the literary geniuses when it comes to the composition of jazz music.

He is the maker of the superhit jazz album Bitches Brew. Like many great jazz musicians, he was a talented trumpeter besides being a composer and a bandleader. He had an astounding net worth of about $19 million at his death in 1991.

4 Nat King Cole

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Nat King Cole or Nathaniel Adams Coles had become a household name when he launched some of his successful works, as stated by The Guardian. He was a famous jazz pianist, and more than 100 of his songs always ended up hitting the pop charts.

Nat King Cole was also a performer on the big screen as he appeared on Broadway and Television, which made him even more popular. He had an impressive net worth of about $27 million.

3 Kenny G

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Other than the trumpet and the piano, another instrument closely associated with jazz music is the saxophone. The Jazz master who made a huge name as a jazz saxophonist is none other than Kenny G.

Kenneth Bruce Gorelick is one of the richest jazz musicians because he has a record of having made global sales of over 75 million records. Kenny G has a net worth of about $100 million.

2 Frank Sinatra

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Francis Albert Sinatra is one of the first names remembered when one talks about classic jazz music. He is credited with making timeless records like Fly Me to The Moon and My Way, which will always be a favorite.

Frank Sinatra passed away in 1998, but by then, he already had a jaw-dropping worth of over $250 million. He is considered one of the best-selling jazz artists who sold over 150 million records and created a loyal fanbase.

1 Herb Alpert

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Another notable Trumpeter who made jazz music so much better for listeners is Herb Alpert. Alpert could easily be the richest amongst living jazz musicians; he has a mind-blowing net worth of approximately $850 million.

In the 1960s, Alpert was the bandleader of the famous ‘Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass.’ The 1960s were a crucial time for Alpert to establish himself in the jazz music industry. Along with Jerry Moss, he also established A&M Records.

Talking about the wealthiest and most well-known jazz musicians, a few other names that can be considered irreplaceable are Quincy Jone, who was worth over $400 million, and Tony Bennett, with a net worth of about $200 million. Back in the 20th-century, jazz was sensational, and many artists were active in the genre, but only a few of them stood out as legends and made big bucks out of it.

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