Kate Middleton body language suggests she will be a ‘rule enforcer’ in role of Queen

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When Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011, she became the Duchess of Cambridge. Along with taking a HRH title, she took on the duties of a full-time working royal.

Kate joined the royal rota and started making official outings shortly after her wedding.

She has represented the monarch on many occasions at events all over the world.

Prince William is second in line to the British throne which means his role is already very important.

If he does become King, it is thought Kate will become the Queen Consort.

The royal would share the same social rank and status of the King, although she would not have the same political powers.

Analysing the Duchess of Cambridge over the years, body language expert Judi James commented on how Kate might handle the position.

There are many royal protocols and rules that the mother-of-three has followed over the years.

Judi explained she could ensure these rules are stuck to if her role becomes more senior.

“Kate’s role has grown slowly and carefully,” the expert told Express.co.uk.

“She appears to be a rule-keeper who could evolve into a rule-enforcer once she is queen.

“She could protect protocol and maybe even act as mediator in the family but without becoming stuffy or unapproachable.”

Since joining the family, the Duchess seems to have grown in confidence.

The expert explained she could be developing her role in the Royal Family to prepare for growing responsibilities.

“Kate’s non-verbal signals suggest raised levels of confidence recently,” Judi added.

“She appears to be moving into a more high-profile royal role in her own right.

“Although the Queen shows no sign of slowing down with age it does appear that Kate is increasingly seen as a future leader in the family.

“As a future Queen, Kate’s style should very much depend on the type of royal people will be hoping for.

“So far Kate has not put a foot wrong in terms of her royal role.

“Her styling and her body language are impeccable and – in a world where royals, like celebrities, are chopped down to size on a regular basis – she appears able to avoid anything other than petty criticism.”

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