Kate Middleton’s winning style is the most influential of all royal women

It's no surprise that part for the course of being a royal is the general public looking at you for styling inspiration.

This is certainly the case for Duchess of Cambridge Kate, whose style is the most Googled of any Royal woman, gaining top place over her family members Meghan Markle, Princess Diana and even the Queen!

New research has found that Brits search for Kate Middleton’s wardrobe more than any other Royal woman, making her the most fashionable woman in the Royal family.

The study conducted by mobile casino comparison experts TopMobileCasino analysed Google search data to establish which Royal lady receives the highest number of searches with fashion related terms – and we can't say we are surprised at the results.

Kate Middleton, accumulated 9,010 monthly searches for her fashion and style, with the term ‘Kate Middleton dresses’ getting a total of 4,610 monthly searches.

Princess Diana of Wales is the second most searched for Royal woman, with 6,000 combined monthly searches for her style and outfits, despite it being 24 years after her passing.

Breaking this down, 'Princess Diana fashion' receives 1,900 monthly searches, with ‘Princess Diana outfits’ having 1,300 searches per month.

Diana’s style will likely see a spike in searches as a result of the new biopic, Spencer, as well as upcoming seasons of Netflix hit The Crown.

Going by search terms, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is the third most fashionable Royal woman – coming after sister and mother in law's Kate and Diana.

Overall, Meghan’s style and outfits receive 5,350 searches per month. The term ‘Meghan Markle dress’ gathers 1,300 monthly searches and ‘Meghan Markle style’ gets 1,000 monthly average searches in the UK.

The Royal woman with the fourth most influential style is none other than the Queen, who gathers 1,190 monthly searches for her outfits and dresses. More specifically, the term ‘The Queen’s outfits’ is searched 420 times a month.

The least influential Royal woman when it comes to fashion is Camilla Parker Bowles, who receives just 40 monthly searches for various terms related to her style.

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