Kendall Jenner stuns fans in lingerie photo shoot

While it’s not unusual to see the Kardashian-Jenner sisters posing is racy outfits, Kendall’s latest post that has left her 151 million followers stunned.

The 25-year-old model shared behind-the-scenes footage of a photo shoot for her sister Kim’s label, Skims, where she is seen wearing a tiny red G-string and matching lingerie bra.

In the eight hours since she posted, it has already clocked almost 10 million likes and more than 46,000 comments from fans labelling her body as “insane”.

However, outspoken British TV star Piers Morgan also weighed in with a brutal dig at sisters Kim and Kylie.

“If I were Kim & Kylie, I’d stop being photographed with Kendall,” he wrote on Twitter.

While some agreed, many hit back saying all women’s bodies should be celebrated.

“I’m not a fan. But you can not deny that they all look amazing,” one person responded.

“As a mother of a 14 year old daughter I find this sad. I try my very best to give my girl a safe place to grow up in!. We are all different shapes, sizes, colours, religions, and EVERY single one of them is as important as the next. Comparison can be abusive and must stop,” another added.

Meanwhile, Kendall’s fans jumped on her racy Instagram post saying how “unreal” she looked.

“Ur body is a blessing girl,” one person wrote.

“You are so stunning,” added another.

“Holy hell,” a third person said while a fourth wrote, “She is the prettiest and most natural. It’s what makes her look so much better”.

Even sister Khloe chimed in asking, “How are you a livin human? You’re sooooo stunning I can’t take it”.

In one of the photo’s Kendall can be seen taking a selfie as she stands with her toned figure on full display.

“You’re not real stop trynna fool me,” one person wrote.

“You’re not from this world,” said another, while others described her as “ridiculous” and a “Barbie doll”.

Some said it set “unrealistic body expectations” and accused her of “editing” the images.

“This is so disappointing. You know this sends girls in a spiral about their own bodies,” one follower commented.

“Stop posting edited pictures like this.”

The racy photo shoot is part of a Valentine’s Day collection for Kim’s clothing brand Skims, which she described as the label’s “sexiest” line.

Kendall also showed off her bare bottom in another image.

The Vogue favourite was seen laying on her stomach with her black G-string hooked into her high heels.

Kim, 40, and younger sister Kylie, 23, were also involved in a series of racy photo shoots, leaving fans equally as stunned.

In one of the campaign photos, Kim stood front and centre wearing a fiery red bra with matching high-waisted briefs.

Meanwhile, Kylie is seen crawling on the floor near a Skims heart-shaped cake as she too exposed her bottom in a red G-string.

Kim’s limited-edition Valentine’s Day collection goes on Sale on February 14.

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