Man relentlessly roasted as rose tattoo looks much ruder than intended

Flowers are some of the most popular tattoos out there – and black and white illustrations of roses haven't ever gone out of fashion.

Having said this, it's always important to do your research before booking into the parlour.

Failing to pick the right tattoo artist can end in disaster – as shown by this unfortunate result.

When an ink fan showed off a picture of their floral design online, they never expected to get roasted.

A picture of the simple rose inking was posted onto Reddit's "bad tattoos" forum, where it garnered dozens of responses.

Amusingly, dirty-minded commenters giggled that the flower looks more like male genitalia.

One responder joked: "Ball sack rose."

And another giggled: "Can you make it look like a wilted daisy but if it was an old man's scrotum?"

This isn't the only floral tattoo to backfire recently.

A woman was mercilessly mocked after getting an abstract design on her arm.

The illustration was of a woman clutching a bouquet of colourful flowers – but the execution left a lot to be desired.

On a Facebook group, called That's It, I'm inkshaming (Actually Bad Tattoos), people compared the flowers to two "buttholes".

One commenter laughed: “Those are buttholes ma’am.”

Another joked: “Definitely buttholes and definitely on purpose!”

And a third asked: “Why are there buttholes on my timeline?”

Absolutely savage!

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