Martin Lewis shares a clever hack to earn hundreds of pounds with very little effort

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Martin Lewis will regularly share his tips and tricks on how to save money. In his latest Money Tips email, he told Britons they can earn hundreds of pounds with very little effort. 

How does it work?

Online survey sites can be a great way for Britons to share their opinions on various topics.

It can also be a good way to earn some extra cash with very little effort.

Many sites will offer initiatives for those who take part in surveys, including vouchers and cash.

Martin said: “Your views on things from mask-wearing to Meghan and Harry can really get you a penny for your thoughts.

“It doesn’t require any special skill or talent, but some MoneySavers claim they’ve made £300 in a matter of months.”

The expert explained one savvy Britons earned £300 in just eight months by using surveys.

The saver claimed they managed that without spending much time filling out surveys at all.

Britons can still earn a surprising amount of money by taking part in just a few polls each year.

Online surveys

A quick search online will bring up online surveys that offer cash in return for answering questions.

Savers can answer questions on issues that they are interested in or give their opinions on more obscure topics.

Once the survey has been completed, participants will get the reward paid into their account.

This can be paid in the form of cash, vouchers or free items.

As the accounts are not protected, Martin recommended removing the balance once the payment threshold is met.

Focus groups

Another way to make money is to sign up for a traditional market research group.

Martin suggested these will typically pay more money than quick surveys.

Those who take part can take home between £50 and £150 per session.

However, many focus groups are limited so participants can only take part a few times a year.

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