MTV dating show first to feature sexually fluid cast

THAT’S sure to bring the drama! MTV announces the first-ever dating competition show in the US with an entirely SEXUALLY-FLUID cast

  • ‘Are You The One?’ is a MTV dating competition show starring 16 people 
  • The group of men and women this season all identify as sexually fluid, meaning they don’t have a fixed sexual orientation
  • They will stay in Hawaii and compete to find love while also vying to win the $1 million prize at the end of the competition show
  • MTV’s show is the first in the US to feature an entirely sexually fluid cast
  • The show hopes to promote topics about gender and sexual fluidity  

MTV is breaking down barriers regarding sexuality and has announced its dating show cast this year will be the first ever in United States to all identify as sexually fluid. 

In June, the broadcast network will air another season of ‘Are You The One?’ — which stars 16 men and women in their 20s, who will be dropped off in Hawaii in hopes of finding the ‘perfect match’ while also competing for a $1 million grand prize. 

The cast members this year, though, are exclusively singles who identify as sexually fluid, meaning gender does not limit their options when finding a love interest. 

Time to find love! ‘Are You The One?’ is a MTV dating competition show starring 16 people

Open: The group of men and women this upcoming season all identify as sexually fluid on the show, meaning gender does not limit their options when finding a love interest 

Meet the contestants: There will be 16 singles on the show competing for love and the chance to win the $1 million prize at the end of the show

Included with the cast is Dr. Frankie, a relationship expert, who will help guide the contestants on the show and offer love advice while the singles discover if anyone on the island is for them. 

MTV also has TV star Terrence J. to host the reality show competition. His role will be to help guide the different contestants in their journey towards finding love. 

Besides focusing on the negative dating trends like ghosting and benching to direct contestants towards healthier relationships, the show will also focus on gender identity. 

The show aims to break down barriers and open up discussions about sexual fluidity by providing a platform for people who identify that way. 

With the help of the contestants, the show claims this season will focus on sharing powerful stories about people figuring out their sexual and gender identity.  

The announcement of the reality show’s sexual-fluid cast comes after the network decided to rid gender classifications during awards shows, specifically the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

Instead of Best Actress and Actor categories, the channel now provides a single Best Actor award.  

MTV was also a front-runner in previous shows that targeted issues relating to teenage pregnancy, relationships and sexual health. 

In 2009, the network aired its first season of 16 & Pregnant — which was designed to show teenagers the realities of getting pregnant at a young age and how it could impact their lives. Teen Mom then aired later in 2009. 

A study released in 2010 reported 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom prevented more than 20,000 births to teenage mothers for that year alone.  

Although there have been contradicting studies suggesting the show glamorized pregnancy and led to an increase in pregnancies in specific areas of the US, the teen shows also promoted difficult conversations related to pregnancy and sexual health. 

Similar to Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant, MTV’s ‘Are You The One?’ show attempts to tackle difficult set of topics. But for this season of the reality show, it will focus more on sexual identity.  

The new season of “Are You The One?” premieres on MTV on June 26.   

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