Mum left bemused after Sainsburys substitutes daughters birthday candles

An online shopper's "substitute" birthday candle's literally added up, but weren't a welcome addition to her daughter's cake.

The bemused mum told how she'd ordered a number eight for her child's birthday cake but when the delivery arrived she was offered a hilarious alternative from supermarket retailer Sainsbury's.

The mum shared the blunder on a Reddit forum telling how she had been sent the numbers seven and number one as substitute items – possibly due to computer automated "related" searches.

But instead of ditching the unwanted candles she offered up the numbers to see if anyone could make use of them.

She wrote: "Could anyone make use of a seven and/or a one candle.

"I ordered an eight for my daughter which Sainsbury's have so unhelpfully substituted it for a seven and one."

She ended her post with a number of laughing emoji's.

But the blunder saw a range of followers give their opinions and even solutions.

One said: "Tell her she hasn't grown enough and has to be seven for another year."

Another added: "2020 didn't count anyways, everyone knows it."

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A third added: "Hold on to the candles for nine years, then you can reuse them in another 54 years.

A fourth chimed in: "They just need to make + and – candles then this would work perfectly."

But the post sparked hoards of shoppers to share their own blunders through online shopping with more than 500 comments with many sharing hilarious substitute stories of their own.

One person's red onions were replaced with noodles while another received buttermilk rather than eggnog.

The Daily Star contacted Sainsbury's for comment.

What's the most out-there supermarket substitution you've ever received? Tell us in the comments…

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