My ex drinks heavily when she has our son but if I speak out I will lose him – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE MY ex is drinking heavily when she is looking after our son. I’m worried for his safety.

We have both kept going to work through lockdown and share the care of our son. He’s six, my ex is 31, I’m 33.

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I took the recycling bin out for her when I was there three weeks ago and was shocked at how many wine bottles there were in it.

I’ve had a few peeks in since and she is getting through more than a bottle of wine a day.

That’s not safe for someone in charge of a six-year-old.

I took a picture of the bottles, but I’m scared to say anything as she can be volatile and I’m worried she’d cut my contact with my son.

DEIDRE SAYS: She will not be happy herself about her drinking but may well be defensive.

Approach the subject carefully but say that you couldn’t help noticing all the wine bottles.

Ask how you can help – maybe by having your son more – and suggest she finds support.

My e-leaflet Dealing With A Drinker can help you both.

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