Of Course Lori Loughlin Is a Leo

Anyone who’s been following the ongoing college admissions scandal for this long probably feels like they have Lori Loughlin pretty much figured out. She’s confident. She wants the absolute best for her children. She’s on the lookout for further indignities that might be done to her and her family. In other words, she’s a Leo — a Leo mother, at that.

There’s something to be said about the ethics of stereotyping people based solely on their Zodiac sign, but take a moment to consider the textbook definition of a Leo and try not to think of Loughlin, whose July 28 birthday lands in the first week of the astrological sign's season.

Ruled by the element of fire and the sun, Leo is a sign to be reckoned with. They love attention, showering their loved ones with affection, and occupying positions of power. They do not love being ignored, underestimated, or told “no.”

As generous as they are proud, people born under this sign tend to give as good as they get — and if they feel slighted, you can bet that they’ll resort to means that go well beyond trading fairly to acquire what they believe they deserve. Leos can be some of the best, most protective allies, friends, and parents, but they nevertheless have a temper (and ego, for that matter) that can be difficult to check. Keep their ruling element in mind when dealing with Leos: If you tend a fire well, you can safely bask in its light and warmth. If you play with it, you’ll very likely get burned.

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That brings us back to Loughlin. Her alleged involvement in Operation Varsity Blues reflects the deeply Leonine goal to succeed — and to flaunt that success for all to see. Leos often invest a little too much meaning in their reputation and how others view them (see: Loughlin’s surprisingly upbeat demeanor while leaving court in April). While you could argue that Loughlin’s alleged actions, which include paying a $500,000 bribe to get her daughters into USC, were done in the name of securing a first-rate education for her children, it’s just as easy to suggest that she may have been driven by a desire to associate her family with an elite institution.

Loughlin’s response to the scandal has only further cemented her legacy as 2019’s most important Leo. Not only did she and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, plead not guilty to the charges against them, as of May they were said to be building their own defense to boot. Leave it to a Leo to take full control of her narrative.

As if that wasn’t enough, her most loyal friends have been voicing their support for her and her family, proving her Leo-esque ability to maintain a tight-knit squad. Loughlin has her share of detractors, too, but if she’s as much of a Leo as she seems to be, acknowledging them would be beneath her. Whether it’s a result of her Zodiac sign or just her own personality, Loughlin’s enduring dignity and smile through her entire ordeal will keep us tuning in.

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