Olivia From ‘Relatively Nat & Liv’ Just Went Blonde & She Looks SO Different

As the Kardashians continue to build their reality TV empire, Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson are just starting their own. The cousins and BFFs are about to launch their new E! series, Relatively Nat & Liv, documenting their lives and family hijinks. Which means that, ahead of the show’s June 2 premiere, it’s time to get to know these new leading ladies, starting with Olivia from Relatively Nat & Liv.

Both she and Natalie are originally from Vancouver, Canada, but for now, they’ve chosen la-la-land Los Angeles as their home base. It’s still a bit of a transition. "We are fashion designers and cousins, [and] we come from a really big family," Natalie says in the trailer. "I feel like in L.A., we’re known for being those glam girls. When we get home to Vancouver, we can be ourselves."

The cousins and best friends first gained prominence as beauty influencers — their YouTube channel has a ton of followers, and they can teach you how to do a mean cat eye (among other things) in no time flat. Their blog, Jerome by Nat & Liv, featured beauty tips and tricks as well as a glimpse into their lives and photoshoots, but it hasn’t been updated since 2017. They’ve probably been too busy appearing in shows like WAGS LA and on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram. That’s right — Olivia, Natalie, and Kim are all friends. You have to be in the inner circle to get an invite to Kardashian trips and baby showers, so Kim and Olivia must be really close.

Besides hanging with athletes and other reality stars with shows executive-produced by Ryan Seacrest, let’s see what else we can find out about Olivia from her Instagram.

She Just Changed Up Her Look

Naturally brunette Olivia just went full blonde, and she looks seriously amazing. It’s kind of not fair, actually.

She Loves A Lewk

Natalie and Olivia have amazing outfits across the board, but Olivia is serving up fashion every day of the week. She should be rocking some stunning outfits in Relatively Nat & Liv.

She Seems To Be Single

It’s unclear if Olivia is dating anyone, but considering the fact that she isn’t photographed with anyone who seems like a romantic interest, it looks like love is on her back burner. That’s fine! She’s a busy woman with a busy life. She’ll fall in love when she can.

She Loves Pink

Olivia’s Instagram is filled with baby pink, fuchsia, champagne rosé, and every other hue you can think of.

She Has A Squad

Every gal needs a group of friends to be there when the going gets tough (or when things are great and you just want to party). Given how many photos Olivia has with her pals, it seems like she has a good one.

Find out more about Olivia, her life with Natalie, and her big, kooky family when Relatively Nat & Liv premieres Sunday, June 2 at 10 p.m. ET on E!

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