Pals on cycling group don't 'like' my online updates and I feel left out

DEAR DEIDRE: THROUGHOUT the lockdowns, I kept cycling. It was what kept me sane.

I live on my own and am a long way from my family so this was the one thing that got me away from my desk.

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I am a 48-year-old man. I joined a cycling club and even when not allowed to ride together we shared updates on Instagram and exercise app Strava.

Over time a lot of the cyclists dropped out and there was only really me and two others – a man and a woman – who kept sharing updates.

But then I noticed the admin person who set up the group would never comment on my updates – only on the other two.

It got me down so I blocked him and left the group. Why would he keep slighting me like that?

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DEIDRE SAYS:  It could be that algorithms meant he rarely saw your updates – and so was not ignoring you.

What a shame. It sounds like you really enjoyed the camaraderie of this group.

Could you join another group and all go out cycling together?

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