People constantly stare at my M-cup boobs – but I still want them bigger

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    Model Jazmyne Day has admitted she's constantly stared at over her M-cup boobs.

    The 29-year-old says people even try and take photos of her without her knowing and come up to tell her what they think of her body.

    However, despite the unsolicited advice and cat calls, which Jazmyne says she "hates", the bombshell says she wants even bigger boobs.

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    Opening up to Daily Star for an exclusive chat, the OnlyFans star, who also runs her own fitness account, says she isn't actually planning to get much surgery this year.

    However, she says she is tempted to get a bigger chest still.

    And that's not the only thing – she also wants a bigger bum too.

    "Other than more butt shots, I think I want to take 2023 to be a year where I just focus on travelling, fitness, and making content for my fans," said Jazmyne.

    "Surgery has so much downtime involved so it will be great to just have fun with the body I’ve built.

    "But of course, I’d be lying if I said I don’t want bigger boobs. If only it was as easy as snapping my fingers lol."

    Jazmyne, who is originally from Wales, used to work a nine-to-five job as an accountant.

    However, she decided to become a model and OnlyFans star after losing more than 60lb of fat and putting on over 20lb of muscle, as well undergoing surgery to get her whopping chest.

    It seemed the surgery paid off for her, as the beauty previously told us her OnlyFans earnings quadrupled a week after getting them done.

    And it looks like she wants to earn even more this year as she told us she has big plans for her OnlyFans account.

    "For 2023 I want to increase the amount of content I’m making," she said.

    "I want to do a lot more cosplay. That’s been something my fans have really been asking for and it’s something I’m really excited about."

    Despite planning the changes, Jazmyne admitted to us that business is booming at the moment – with fans loving her raunchy videos in particular.

    "My fans are loving my sex tapes that I’ve been making more of," she said.

    "It’s been a lot of fun filming those!"

    We're certainly intrigued what this lady will do next, that's for sure!


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