People who've been caught lying on social media

Busted! Hilarious photos reveal people who were caught telling lies online – including a sofa seller claiming they had ‘no pets’ despite having a cat in the advert

  • Ninja Journalist has rounded up amusing images of liars from around the world 
  • Among the images is a man claiming his filtered photograph is a painting
  • Another snap shows a seller caught lying that his sunglasses haven’t been worn

Gaining attention on social media often requires creativity, but sometimes the desire to stand out results in people exaggerating or even telling outright lies. 

Ninja Journalist has rounded up a selection of images from around the world that have gone viral online after the user who posted them was caught lying.

The images include a man claiming the sunglasses he’s selling haven’t been worn while wearing them on in his profile photo and a woman claiming she and her boyfriend mysteriously were able to take a snap while both sleeping.

Among the snaps was also a man who tried to fool his Facebook friends into believing a heavily filtered photograph had been painted. 

Ninja Journalist has rounded up viral images from around the world of people caught lying on social media – including a woman who claimed she accidentally uploaded a selfie to Facebook

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The art of lying! One man was blasted for attempting to fool his Facebook friends into believing a heavily filtered photograph had been painted 

Another Facebook user was caught lying about why they need donations, when a former co-worker commented that they had been sacked from their job

Seeing is believing! A man who tweeted a complaint about traffic was shamed for lying after an eagle-eyed user spotted the clear road in the reflection of his sunglasses

One woman was left embarrassed on Facebook after a friend spotted that her post about Starbucks used a viral image from Google 

Another individual who was trying to sell their second-hand sofa was caught lying about the absence of pets when a potential buyer spotted their cat in the background

Spot the liar! A man attempting to sell sunglasses as never worn was called out for lying when a potential buyer noticed he was wearing the frames in his profile photo 

A Facebook user claiming someone wrote on their status after forgetting to log out at the library was left red faced when friends spotted it had been posted via mobile 

One person was accused of being a liar on Reddit after users noticed the cushion they claimed their dog had destroyed appeared to have been carefully unzipped 

Another social media user was shamed for boasting about their run with results that would set a new world record 

A woman, who took to Instagram gushing about her boyfriend, was questioned how they managed to capture a photograph sleeping next to each other 

Time’s up! A Reddit user who claimed to be sharing a photograph from the 1970s was caught lying when others spotted a Fitbit in the snap 

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