Personal trainer lifted 40Kg barbell while infant son lay on his chest

Personal trainer hits back at critics who claim he’s putting his son, 18 months, in danger by bench pressing 40kg barbells while he lies on his chest and insists it helps them to bond

  • TJ Beckford, 31, was filmed working out at London home with his son on his chest
  • 18-month-old Blue was seen mimicking his dad’s movements and holding the bar
  • TJ admitted some people saw it as ‘dangerous’ but claimed it helped them bond

A personal trainer who was filmed performing bench-presses with his 18-month-old son lying on his chest has hit back at critics, insisting the workout sessions have helped them bond.

While TJ Beckford, 31, taught clients over Zoom from home his London home over lockdown, he noticed his 18-month-old son Blue mimicking some of the exercises.

Blu even climbed on to TJ’s stomach to try and join in while his father lay on his back readying himself to perform chest exercises.

Mother Emily Wakefield, 26, filmed as TJ held a 40Kg barbell over his chest while Blue lay across him, even putting his small hands on the weight himself.

Personal trainer TJ Beckford, 31, (left) from London, was filmed performing bench-presses while his 18-month-old son Blue (right) lay across his chest

In the video, recorded by Blu’s mother Emily Wakefield, 26, the child holds onto the bar as his father carries out his exercises

After lowering the bar to his chest, TJ pushed it back up, while groaning, and Blue copied his father. 

After counting out loud the final to reps, TJ re-racked the bar while Blue giggled away to himself. 

Despite Blu clearly enjoying the activity and receiving mainly positive feedback, TJ said some people think having such a heavy weight over his baby’s neck and chest is ‘dangerous’. 

‘There are always people who think we’re just playing up to cameras and think it’s dangerous because of the weight,’ he explained. 

Blue is heard pretending to groan to copy his father who also groans as he lifts the bar up

Blue and TJ share a giggle with each other after the bar is safely placed back on its rack

‘I wouldn’t put Blu in danger so I make sure I’ve got it covered. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 10 year so it’s not like I’m not experienced. 

‘Whenever I start doing bench press he will climb up and sit on my belly to try and join in, he’ll get really excited and bounce along with every rep, so I thought I’d let him have a proper go this time.’

TJ also said said that working out with his son is a great way for them to bond and pass the time while stuck inside every day.

He said: ‘I love having Blu join in and enjoy it too. It’s a great way for us to bond, and it is definitely something a bit different to pass the time when we’re stuck inside. 

TJ said that his son often tries to copy him when he works out and that he loves having Blue join in because it helps pass the time when they are stuck at home

‘He loves to train with me. I am a personal trainer and he knows all the exercises I give to my clients over Zoom and always joins in to instruct them. 

‘As soon as he hears my workout music he’s doing squats and press ups. I was just training for myself and his mum was trying to work, so to avoid distracting her I thought I’d get him involved. 

‘It didn’t really work though as she decided to stop working and film us instead! I’m proud to have such a good relationship with him.’

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