Quadruplets celebrate after becoming first set to graduate from their university

The Shaaban quadruplets, 20, all studied at Oxford Brookes University and successfully graduated virtually last month.

Abdelrahim studied accounting and finance, Osama studied law, Ahmad studied business and management, while Ayah studied interior architecture.

Osama, who received a first-class degree and graduated top of his cohort, said: ‘Everything in my university experience was amazing, and all my siblings agree.’

Being so close, when the four siblings first moved to university, they decided to live together in student housing.

Ahmad said: ‘We have always lived together, and we wanted to stick to that because we are so close.

‘It was what we needed and wanted.’

They rarely bumped into each other on campus, but did take the time to help one another when needed.

‘We didn’t really study together as we all had different learning styles, but sometimes we would proofread each other’s work or test each other with flashcards at home,’ said Abdelrahim.

The siblings were born and raised in Dubai and moved to Oxford Brookes University to study in 2018. When the pandemic hit in March 2020, they moved back in with dad Dorgham and mum Aida in Dubai.

All of their degrees were completed remotely and gained with flying colours.

Both Osama and Ahmad were awarded first-class honours, while Abdelrahim received a 2:1 and Ayah a 2:2.

‘We all had very different experiences but are all equally happy,’ said Ahmad.
‘We’re also really grateful for our parents for supporting us.’

The graduation ceremonies took place separately on four consecutive days during the first week of July.

Mark O’Keeffe, deputy director of global recruitment at the university, said he was ‘absolutely delighted to see the success they have all had and to know that their experience at Brookes has been so positive.’

The future looks exceptionally bright for all four.

Osama is currently choosing between two offers for a master’s degree in law, while Ahmad plans to do a year in industry before a master’s in informational technology.

Abdelrahim aims to become an investment banker, and Ayah is looking to complete a work placement with an international architecture firm.

‘We are very proud ourselves and of each other,’ Ahmad explained.

‘We also have an overarching feeling of gratitude towards God and our parents for their unwavering support and guidance across our lives.’

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