Rare and valuable £5 notes in circulation – from no signatures to vintage copies

Rare coin collectors would do just about anything to get their claws on a valuable bit of change.

But it's not just coins that are popular, it's even £5 notes too.

Whether it's an incorrect serial number or a vintage copy, it could be worth a lot of money.

It doesn't matter if it's new or old, a number of rare and valuable fivers have made their way into a person's pockets.

You can always speak to an expert who can get it validated and they'll tell you whether it's real or fake.

So here are some of the rarest £5 notes – and it'll help you to gain an understanding of what really sells online.

AA01 010110 serial number £5 – worth £99

It's the serial number on this fiver that makes it so special.

The number is printed down on the left hand side and also appears in the bottom right below the clear window.

Her Majesty was presented with the first note – a AA01 000001 number – leaving only 999,998 other fivers with the AA01 prefix.

The first range in the series printed which makes it more appealing to collectors.

No signature – worth just over £266

This one doesn't feature a signature on the centre of the money, unlike others.

You could say this technically makes the note an error copy as it's missing a crucial element.

Missing such a staple of the design makes bidders want it even more, which means it's more valuable.

1957 £5 – worth just over £113

We all know older notes can be worth a lot of money, even though they'd be nothing at face value today.

Despite the fact that you can't use them out at the shops, it's still very popular among collectors.

Recently, the Sun reports a 1957 £5 note sold for £113.11 after 28 bidders battled it out claim the copy.

51w 11111 serial number – worth £298

One older £5 note managed to fetch almost £300 after it racked up 20 bids on eBay in October.

It's another one great for serial fans as it has 111111 printed on the design.

But a more modern fiver was also a hit with collectors as this had the serial code AA01 444444 on it.

The repeated number pattern in both is rare so it's worth checking your wallets!

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