Rob Kardashian: Why He Reignited Feud With Blac Chyna In Order To ‘Protect’ Their Daughter Dream

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna’s feud kicked into high gear over their daughter Dreams as the mom-of-two took her beef with her ex to social media but Rob is just trying to ‘protect’ their little girl.

Rob Kardashian‘s ex Blac Chyna, 31, had plenty to say via Instagram when she slammed the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star on June 15 for trying to “hinder” the mom-of-two from allowing their daughter Dream to appear on her upcoming docuseries The Real Blac Chyna. But a source close to Rob EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife that he’s just trying to “protect” their two-year-old little girl. “Rob wanting to prevent Dream from appearing on Chyna’s show had nothing at all to do with his direct relationship to Chyna,” the insider explained.

“He is just trying to protect Dream and if that means upsetting Chyna then so be it, but his daughter’s needs will always come first,” the pal said and went on to explain why Rob allowing Dream to appear on KUWTK in celebration of her birthday is different from Chyna’s series. “Chyna can think Rob is a hypocrite all she wants but he doesn’t see her making one TV appearance in celebration of her birthday the same as constantly filming and making appearances for a show,” the friend continued.

“Despite Rob’s entire family having their lives played out on TV has nothing to do with his own life and his personal choices,” the source added. “Rob no longer wants his whole life to be played out in front of cameras and doesn’t want his daughter to be subjected to that lifestyle either. It was never Rob’s intention to ignite a feud all over again with Chyna and all he wants is to have a healthy co-parenting relationship with her.”

Another source close to the ex of rapper Tyga EXCLUSIVELY told us that “Blac honestly thought her and Rob were past this, she thought they were in a good place and that she could trust him so getting a letter out of nowhere from Rob‘s lawyer really threw her for a loop.” According to Chyna’s Instagram post, Rob already had his attorney Marty Singer contact her about his concerns with their baby girl being included in her docuseries. “She’s pretty devastated that it’s back to this. And then the total hypocrisy of it was just beyond infuriating,” the source continued.

“If Rob had never let Dream be on Keeping Up With The Kardashians it would be a different story but he has so Blac is having trouble understanding how he can turn around and do this, it’s insulting and hurtful and it’s really triggered her because it’s just so unfair. This was a very bad move on Rob‘s part because now Blac is back on the defensive and feeling like she can’t trust him.”

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