Save over £100 in Proto-col's Black Friday Collagen Bundle

Level up your skincare routine: These beauty supplements promise ‘exceptional results’ in just 28 DAYS – and they’re £100 off in this Black Friday bundle deal

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Women are claiming they are growing their hair, nails and improving their skin in just a matter of weeks with the help of Proto-col’s collagen, which comes in liquid and capsule form. 

Clinically proven to reduce the visible signs of ageing, the brand’s deliciously fruity collagen shot and easy-to-swallow capsules have been a go-to for thousands of women who call the results ‘magic’. And now you can save over £100 in Proto-col Black Friday Collagen Bundle. 

You can get 125 days of collagen for under £80 with the Proto-col Black Friday Collagen Bundle.

A saving of over £100, the bundle contains the UK’s bestselling anti-ageing collagen capsules, the brand’s red-berry flavoured Collagen Shot and the brand’s latest Beauty Collagen. 

Users are seeing results in as little as just 15 days, with a noticeable improvement in brighter, firmer skin and stronger hair and nails. 

Users have noted impressive results, with shoppers attesting to its ‘exceptional’ abilities claiming it does indeed diminish signs of ageing

This Black Friday, you can save over £100 with the Proto-col Black Friday Collagen Bundle – and users have been floored by the results, with many reporting a ‘huge difference in skin and hair’.

Offering 125 days of collagen, the bundle contains the brand’s bestselling Collagen Shot, Pure Collagen Capsules and the latest launch, the Beauty Collagen.

All loaded with nourishing vitamins and minerals, including vitamins B6, C & E, zinc, biotin and copper, the liquid and capsule collagen are clinically proven to reduce the visible signs of ageing. 

First up in the Proto-col Black Friday bundle is the Proto-col Collagen Shot. Ideal for taking on the go, the red-berry flavoured liquid collagen shot gives you 5000mg of VERISOL® collagen hydrolysate and nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Helping to stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen, the concentrated liquid collagen drink is designed to specifically target dull skin, limp hair and brittle nails.

The results, according to users, are impressive. After six months, 75 per cent nails grew faster and stronger, while after 56 days, there was a 20 per cent reduction in wrinkles.  

Clinically proven to reduce the visible signs of ageing, the brand’s deliciously fruity collagen shot gives you 5000mg of VERISOL® collagen hydrolysate and nourishing vitamins

The Proto-col Pure Collagen hydrolysed collagen tablets are also included in the money-saving bundle. 

The UK’s bestselling anti-ageing collagen capsules, each serving of the easy-to-swallow collagen capsules contain 2500mg of collagen and VERISOL®, helping to increase skin elasticity and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

Taking four capsules daily helps improve hair thickness, skin elasticity, and nail resistance. 

The Proto-col Pure Collagen is the UK’s bestselling anti-ageing collagen capsules

The brand’s Beauty Collagen with added Bioactive Collagen Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, plus six vitamins and minerals provides an advanced dose of essential nutrients designed to tenfold your collagen production. 

The new addition to Proto-col’s portfolio of supplements contributes to slowing down the process of collagen loss in the body.

By stimulating an increase in natural collagen production in the skin by some 65 per cent over and above normal collagen production, the results are noticeable within a month of taking the collagen sachets. 

One impressed user reported ‘next level results’, writing: ‘I’ve been using protocol collagen for a little while now this is my second box of beauty collagen. Makes such a difference – definitely less wrinkles and smoother plumped skin on my face. It’s worth the investment.’ 

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