'Southern Charm:' Is Ashley Jacobs Going to Stay on the Show?

Season six of Southern Charm is off to the races on Bravo, and things are already exciting. Right off the bat, it’s impossible to overlook all of the drama surrounding Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel’s ongoing custody battle. It’s interesting to see how much of an impact Ravenel continues to have on the show and its cast, despite being booted from Southern Charm by Bravo following the sexual assault allegations lodged against him.

And to make matters even more convoluted, Ravenel’s flame, Ashley Jacobs, is back for the new season. For many fans and castmates alike, this return was a shocking experience. And suffice it to say, she doesn’t have that many friends among the cast members. So what are the chances we might see her again in future seasons?

Surprise for the cast

After all the feathers Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel ruffled last season and during the time in between, it came as a major surprise for some cast members to see her on set once again.

Cameran Eubanks told Entertainment Tonight, “I was shocked when I saw Ashley. But then, I wasn’t. I was hoping that if she had any sense, she would go back to California, which is her home, which is where she’s from, where all her family and friends are. I cannot believe she stuck around.”

Cameran went on to add that Ashley Jacobs might have returned to offer an apology. “I think Ashley got a lot of negative feedback after she was so awful, especially on social media. I think Ashley wanted to come back this year and try to make amends because she felt bad. But the question is, did she really feel bad? Was it genuine from the heart, or did she want to make herself look good?”

Apologies mixed with anger

Some members of the cast, however, seemed eager to patch things up and mend relationships. Eliza Limehouse allegedly maintained a relationship with both Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs after season five, which rubbed some members the wrong way.

“I have a feeling that when she befriends Ashley and brings her to an event, that the rest of the cast… it’s not going to endear her to the rest of the cast,” said Patricia Altschul of Eliza’s choice, “to spring Ashley on them.”

“[Eliza] was doing it behind everyone’s back,” said Kathryn Dennis of the ongoing friendship. “She told all of us she wasn’t friends with Ashley. She is, she’s still friends with Thomas, as well.”

Eliza Limehouse attempted to defend her actions, saying, “First off, I’m the only person, who [Ashley] hadn’t ticked off. She came to me and said, ‘I want a second chance, I want to gain Kathryn’s forgiveness, trust back,’ or whatever, ‘and I want to apologize.’ And you know what, the Bible says you gotta forgive in order to be forgiven, so I’m gonna give you that. So, I’m the vessel of forgiveness. So I tried… it didn’t go as planned.

According to cast member Austen Kroll, Ashley Jacobs never really changed. “Without giving away too much, she kinda just acts the same way she did at the reunion, where her apologies all have a ‘but’ at the end of them,” he explained. “So, she’s not really giving you an apology, and her reason for being there was, ‘Hey guys, I just wanted you to know, I’m a changed person…’ but then, you see this fire in her eyes! And you’re like, you are the same friggin’ person! You don’t know how to apologize without doubling down.”

Headed back home


It seems as if Ashley Jacobs may be finished with Southern Charm after this season ends. In a recent development, Ashley Jacobs made a social media post about returning to her home state of California.

On Wednesday, May 15, Ashley Jacobs made an Instagram post featuring a California license plate beneath a South Carolina plate. She captioned it, “Thanks for the life lessons South Carolina but I’m goin’ back to my roots! #CaliforniaGirl Side note: I moved back to CA in February.”

However, according to Entertainment Tonight, things might not be done for good. “The pair say they’ve heard rumors that Ashley plans to come back to Charleston, fueled by a sighting of Thomas looking at apartments in the building Ashley used to live in,” wrote Brice Sander. Perhaps we’ll be seeing the return of Ashley Jacobs in the near future.

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