Starbreeze Reconstruction Extension Granted

Games publisher Starbreeze was granted an extension for its reconstruction by the Stockholm District Court on Friday, according to a news brief from the company (via

Starbreeze’s reconstruction period has been extended through to September 3, 2019, according to the news brief. The company originally filed for reconstruction in December of last year.

Starbreeze is the publisher that is struggling to keep itself above water after numerous setbacks occurred since last year. Disappointing sales of “Overkill’s The Walking Dead” and mismanagement which culminated in the studio getting raided after reports of insider trading surfaced have resulted in the company’s refocusing on its core business in an effort to set things right.

Last month, Starbreeze revealed that it doesn’t have the funds to keep afloat for the following 12 months. Subsequently, it finalized the sale of its Indian subsidiary Dhruva to Rockstar which perhaps gave the company some much needed funds.

Hopefully, the extension will give the publisher the extra time it needs to get back on track.


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