Starbucks is launching three new frozen iced teas

COFFEE chain Starbucks has introduced a new frozen iced tea range – just in time for summer.

They're the ultimate refreshing treat to cool you down and are available in all branches now. Find your nearest store using the locator tool on the website.

Available in three new flavours – blood orange and passion fruit, tropical mango and strawberry and lime – the limited edition flavours are sticking around for the season.

In terms of calories, the strawberry and lime flavour is the healthiest, with a tall size containing 389 calories.

This is much lower than the blood orange and passion fruit frozen iced tea, which has 526 calories. The tropical mango sits in the middle with 443 calories.

At £3.35, they cost the same as the rest of the Teavana range.

The new releases arrive just in time for National Tea Day on June 10 so you can grab your frozen cuppa later this week.

We spoke to Starbucks who said there's no specific end date in mind for these zesty new flavours and that the frozen tea range would stick around until the autumn launch.

If you're not a huge fan of iced tea, you might be interested in Starbucks' cereal latte with crunchy pieces on top.

Need your caffeine fix immediately? Starbucks is now on Uber Eats.

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