Sticky notes hack finally shows how to peel paper without it folding upwards

A radio host has revealed her hack for making sticky notes stay flat on the surface, leaving viewers stunned and calling it a "game-changer".

Australian radio star Jackie O spoke on the show The Kyle and Jackie O Show about the common problem people face with the sticky notepad.

In the clip posted on the show's Instagram, she demonstrates the tip that "you never knew you needed".

Jackie says: "So you know on Post-It notes how annoying it is when you do this and try to stick it down, you see it is always curled up like that.

"And here is the hack to avoid that."

The 45-year-old then peels another paper from the pad as she explains: "Peel from the side and when you stick it down, it's flat."

Co-host Kyle Sandilands does not look impressed and trolls Jackie, saying: "Big deal! Who cares about Post-It notes?"

Some fans said they have never thought of the solution and called it a "life-changing" hack.

"I love that!" one commented. "I'm going to try it tomorrow."

Another said: "I've worked in an office for 35 years and never knew that."

A third penned: "I'm learning so much from you Jackie, it's a game changer."

Another joked he didn't realise anyone used Post-It notes in the digital age.

While someone else agreed with Kyle and said: "No doubt you're still keeping 3M in business."

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