Stingy mum feeds daughter breastmilk from her friends to save money

A penny-pinching mum has gone to extreme lengths to keep her living costs as low as possible – even if she has to borrow breastmilk from her friends.

Apple Melecio claimed she could save more than $1,000 (£718) a year from making homemade diaper wipes, getting free breastmilk and other baby furnitures.

In an episode of TLC's Extreme Cheapskates, Apple says she has stopped producing breastmilk and refuses to buy formula milk for her daughter Chloe. Instead, she goes to her friends and colleagues for help.

She shows bags of breastmilk marked with different names, and says: "Amy is from my yoga class, Jessica is actually my co-worker.

"Chloe prefers Jessica's milk than any other breastmilk. This is her favourite, she will drink the others but this is more her preference."

Apple says having a baby made her "more obsessed with saving money", adding: "People buy baby wipes and moist towelettes, and instead I like to make them at home."

The stingy mum cuts a kitchen towel in half and soaks half of them into water and stores them in a tin.

"There you go, you have moist towelettes," she shows it to the camera. "I use them to wipe my hands or wipe the table, my kitchen counter."

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If the wipe is clean on one side, she says it's "okay to re-use" it and will use it to clean her daughter's bum.

The homemade wipes hack is set to save her $0.50 (36p) a day, which is roughly about six diaper changes.

Apple also mentions that she got herself a baby changing table for free from a gas station that was going out of business.

Husband Victor comments: "I think it's kind of weird because things from the gas station aren't clean."

To cut cost spending on diapers, the mum uses old T-shirts and cuts them into the right size.

Viewers were disgusted by Apple's money-saving tactics, in particular getting breastmilk from friends.

One said: "Don't give your kid someone's breastmilk! What if the mum unknowingly has HIV? You never know and it's not worth the risk."

"That's creepy," another wrote. "I would never give my breastmilk to someone else."

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