Tattoo model cruelly branded ugly scum after covering 98% of body in ink

Tattoo model Amber Luke says she’s been bullied since she was in school.

When she was younger, cruel classmates would mock her ethnicity.

Then when she grew up, trolls found another aspect of her appearance to make jibes about.

The 26-year-old, from Brisbane, Australia, was inundated with hate comments after she started covering herself in tattoos.

After years growing her body art collection, she’s managed to cover more than 98% of her body in eye-catching ink.

Her unique look also consists of painful dermal piercings, tattooed eyeballs, stretched ears and a split tongue, which have been attacked by critics too.

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On Instagram, Amber wrote: “Fun fact about me – I am Australian/Aboriginal and also have Chinese blood in me – hence my small eyes.

“I got bullied A LOT growing up – people loved to project their own insecurities onto me to make me feel inadequate.

“And to this day – nothing has changed… how ironic lol.

“I get called ugly, a degenerate, a scum, a waste of oxygen and also get told I shouldn’t reproduce – on a daily basis.”

The tattoo model refuses to let these comments hold her back – but urges social media users to “be good” instead of trolling.

Amber added: “You think that it would hurt me, but I’ve gotten so so strong over the years of this torment.

“Society is a proper a***hole man, stay in your lane and mind your own damn business!

“The person you’re scrutinising could be so catatonically depressed and your s*** opinion and judgment could just be enough to push them over to edge.


The influencer’s post garnered hundreds of likes and plenty of comments of support.

One responder wrote: “Keep doing you, you beautiful human.”

Another said: “I think you’re an inspiration and are so incredibly beautiful inside and out.”

A third commented: “You’re so beautiful Amber. I’ve been bullied too growing up.”

And a fourth added: “You’re awesome – people are just jealous. They are a bunch of sheep.”

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