Terminally ill dog is spending her last day crossing her bucket list

I’m a fur-vivor! Terminally ill Staffy spends last months enjoying trips to the beach, cheese nights and fancy dress after being rescued by new owners – and has already survived twice as long as vets predicted

  • Bumble, a five-year-old Staffy from Exeter, was given months to live by vets
  • Had one kidney removed due to cancer but disease had already spread
  • Owner Charlotte Mullarkey, 24, doing best to spoil Bumble before she passes 
  • She’s enjoyed trips to the beach, paw painting and two birthday parties  

A terminally ill dog is spending her last days playing in the snow, attending cheese nights and steak dinners thanks to a new owner who rescued her just in time.

When five-year-old Bumble was seized from her owner and left in kennels, animal lover Charlotte, Mullarkey, 24, knew she had to step in to help.

In November 2019, just one month after taking the American Staffordshire Terrier into her home, Charlotte, from Exeter, was given the devastating news that Bumble had cancer in her kidney.

After an operation to remove one kidney, doctors confirmed that the cancer had spread to the second and the canine only had months to live.

Charlotte, who works at Blue Cross Animal Homing Centre, quickly compiled a list of adventures for Bumble to enjoy before she died including seeing snow for the first time, a visit to a National Trust site, a fancy dress party and two birthday celebrations.

Five-year-old Staffy from Exeter, Bumble, was diagnosed with cancer and only has a few months left to live. Her owner Charlotte Mullarkey, 24, decided to make a bucket of fun activities Bumble might enjoy before she passes. Pictured: Bumble after a cheese dinner 

Charlotte, who works at Blue Cross Animal Homing Centre, rescued Bumble in 2019 before hearing her terrible diagnosis. Pictured: Bumble after a paw painting glass 

Charlotte said: ‘I’ve fostered hundreds of dogs and I never thought to keep one. But when Bumble came, I just made my mind up that she had to stay.

‘I took her on there and then, but we knew she only had a few months left.

‘We could have tried chemo but that wouldn’t have been nice for her, so I just decided to give her everything she needed to make the last few months of her life special.

‘If she had a few months left then I was going to give her what I could.

Bumble dressed up as a bee. Charlotte compiled a list of adventures for Bumble to complete before she passes

A very special birthday girl. Charlotte admitted Bumble was ‘spoilt rotten.’ Pictured on her birthday with several treats

Charlotte also said she let Bumble get in the water during their walks even though she didn’t know how to swim (pictured on a walk) 

‘I’ve had to change the bucket list because we weren’t expecting her to last this long but we’ve also had to tailor it to lockdown.

‘So far, I’ve taken her to the beach because I didn’t know if she’d ever been, to the pub, paw print painting, a cheese night, a visit to a National Trust site, pancakes on pancake day, she dressed up as a bee for a fancy dress party and she’s had a Pupicino from Starbucks.

‘We’ve even taken her swimming even though she can’t swim. She’s been spoilt rotten.

Soaking up the sun! Bumble was expected to only survive a few months after her diagnosis, but she surprised everyone by lasting more than a year

Bumble enjoying her dinner on steak night. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Charlotte had to improvise activities for the Staffy to enjoy 

Playing in the snow. Charlotte admitted she had to change Bumble’s bucket list because the pup outlived the vet’s prognosis 

Bumble during a walk. Since being rescued by Charlotte, the Staffy had several grandiose parties 

‘One extreme plan was for her to meet a celebrity.

‘We thought we’d only be able to throw her one birthday party but she’d had two now.

‘She’s loved everything we’ve done so far, she loves everything we do together anyway.’

Charlotte pictured with Bumble on a walk. As a Blue Cross worker, Charlotte had helped hundreds of rescue dogs, but know she had to keep Bumble for herself

The Staffy on a sunny walk. Charlotte said Bumble was a character and was hilarious and full of life

Bumble in the pub! Charlotte has been looking after Bumble since adopting her in 2019 and said the pup is still ‘going strong’

Charlotte says that despite Bumble’s diagnosis, the pooch still has a zest for life and is defying doctor’s predictions by living for a whole year.

She said: ‘She’s a real character and she’s hilarious.

‘She’s quite boisterous, when I come home from work, she’ll do zoomies around the house because she’s excited but she also loves cuddles, in the sofa or on the bed or wherever I am.

‘One year on and she’s still going strong.’

To donate to the Blue Cross Animal Homing Centre, you can go here. 

The pup during a walk on the beach. Charlotte said Bumble had a zest for life and would do zoomies around the room when she’s excited 

Charlotte and Bumble together during a snowy walk. The dog lover said the Staffy also liked to cuddle 

Bumble before going for a swim. Charlotte has had varied activities planned just for her loving dog 

An eye for art! Charlotte showing off some art that Bumble’s made during a paw painting session

Enjoying her first snow! Charlotte said she’d like Bumble to meet a celebrity, which would be her bucket list’s most ‘extreme’ activity

Charlotte thought she’d only be able to give Bumble one birthday party, but the dog had two so far while living with her new owner 

Bumble at Christmas! Charlotte said the kind dog loved everything they did together ans was enjoying the bucket list activities 

Charlotte with Bumble and her partner James. The Staffy has beaten all the odds and is still going strong 

James, Charlotte and Bumble out for a walk on a sunny day. Charlotte said the pup would seek her out for fun and cuddles 

Bumble horsing around with some gift wrapping paper after she was spoilt rotten over Christmas 

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