'The Good Place': The Real Reason the Series is Ending

Since its premiere in 2016, fans have been absolutely obsessed with The Good Place. The original comedy is both light and thought-provoking in a way that not many shows before it have been able to achieve.

But sadly, all good things must come to an end. Yesterday, the show’s creator, Michael Schur, took to Twitter to announce that the series would be coming to a close. The upcoming fourth season will be The Good Place’s last.

Why is the show ending?

With every show, there are storylines and character archs that are eventually fulfilled. Schur, ultimately, felt like this could be done on The Good Place within four seasons.

“After The Good Place was picked up for season two, the writing staff and I began to map out, as best we could, the trajectory of the show,” he wrote. “Given the ideas we wanted to explore, and the pace at which we wanted to present those ideas, I began to feel like four seasons — just over 50 episodes — was the right lifespan.”

Even though Schur knew that four seasons was enough for the show, he often toyed with the idea of doing more.

“At times over the past few years we’ve been tempted to go beyond four seasons, but mostly because making this show is a rare, creatively fulfilling joy, and at the end of the day, we don’t want to tread water just because the water is so warm and pleasant,” he continued. “As such, the upcoming fourth season will be its last.”

What does Schur have to say to the cast and crew of the show?

It is rare that the creator of a show can decide when it ends, but that is the deal that Schur has with NBC.

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“I will be forever grateful to NBC and Universal TV for letting us make The Good Place, and for letting us end it on our own schedule,” he continued.

“I will also be forever grateful to the creative team, both on-screen and off, for their hard work and dedication to a very weird idea. We ask the question very frequently, on this show, what do we owe to each other? The answer, for me, is: I owe all of you a whole lot.”

How does the cast feel about the show ending?

The ending of the show was also announced yesterday at the show’s Emmy FYC panel.

The stars were obviously sad to see The Good Place come to a close.

“Much respect,” Ted Danson, who plays Michael, said. “I know we do fart jokes but this is a serious show.”

“Any padding or over-telling a really great story would be a shame.”

“We all learned together, my reaction was ‘cool, ok, yeah,’ and 24 hours later it was, ‘I think I’m depressed!’” D’Arcy Carden, who plays Janet, added.

“I have so much respect for Mike and the writers and I have always been a fan of shows that go out on their own terms,” she continued.

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