Trump's White House Note for Biden Gets the Meme Treatment

“Please don’t indict me.”

Donald Trump reportedly left President-Elect Joe Biden a note in the White House and Twitter had a field day imagining the outgoing message.

After the former reality star took off from Washington D.C. on Air Force One without observing the customary procedures of welcoming the incoming Commander-in-Chief, reporter Josh Dawsey tweeted,POTUS left a note for Joe Biden in the Oval, per White House spokesman.”

And with that, a slew of social media users quickly posted theories about what was written by Trump.

“Please don’t indict me,” read one fan’s guess, as Trump is facing possible legal trouble as a now-private citizen.

“couldn’t find Barron before we left, please take care of him,” wrote a follower, as another said, “Correction: It was just a list of his favorite fast food items.”

A reference to the 2004 movie “National Treasure” stated, “I spent four years looking for it. I put my best men on it. It was a tremendous undertaking. But there is no map on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Don’t waste your time.”

And many Twitter users riffed on Snooki’s infamous letter to Sammi on “Jersey Shore.”

Keep reading to see that meme and many more, below.

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