UK's messiest bedroom competition shows how we embraced clutter during lockdown

Settling down for the night in a nice tidy bedroom is an unmatched feeling – although not one that’s very familiar to these competition entrants.

BedSOS is holding a competition to win a free bed worth £400, with the catch being that to win you need to be crowned with the title of ‘messiest bedroom in Britain’.

Despite the competition being open until Monday 14 September, they’ve already had a lot of entries – and some are verging on hoarder territory.

Kim and Aggie would have a field day in these rooms, where piles of clothes sit upon old pizza boxes on top of various other clutter.

We have to ask, was it really worth showing the world you live like this for a new bed?

Danny Richmond, Managing Director of BedSOS, said: ‘We’ve seen a lot in our time, but even we were shocked by the state of some of the bedrooms in the entries so far.

‘With all the extra time people have been spending at home recently, it does make sense that things will be a little more cluttered than usual, but some of these take the cake!’

‘On the plus side, with the sheer number of entries we’ve received, if you’re a bit messy yourself, at least you know you’re in good company.

‘The nationwide competition will draw to a close on the 14th September, and the lucky winner will receive a brand new bed worth up to £400… though they might need to have a declutter before it arrives.’

Let’s take a look at some of the best/worst so far.

Doncaster mum Becca Walton is obviously a fan of the ‘if it’s in a container, the mess doesn’t exist’ technique. We feel ya.

Despite everything being well colour-coded, Marie Kondo would be fizzing at seeing this.

Phil Newis from Leeds sent in a picture of his 10-year-old daughter’s room – perhaps in hopes of shaming her into changing her ways.

From sweeties on the bed to a bin full of what looks like socks, it’s hard to know where to start.

Louise Merrick from Hampshire is a typical mum, trying to get her son to clean his room.

Apparently, however, he barely notices the mess as long as he gets to play his video games.

At least the cat tower is tidy for the fur babies.

This picture from Emily Parkin in London is allegedly of a ‘friend’s’ bedroom. Sure, Jan.

The furniture in here is actually beautiful… if only we could see it under all the mess.

Gaming is something of a theme in this picture set, as we can see from this entry from Michelle Baker.

The Birmingham mum documented her son’s floordrobe for the world to see, which might just be the motivation to get it all sorted.

Elly Fitchett from Shrewsbury gets a slight pass here, because her unconventional room situation is temporary while room renovations are underway.

The bedroom is currently the only room in her house with electricity, so it’s doubling up as a living room… and kitchen!

Elaine Hamilton’s daughter keeps her hair extensions well. Sadly, the same can’t be said for the rest of her room.

The London girl probably isn’t the messiest here, but these clothes could really do with a sort.

Sally-Ann Johnston from Doncaster must have spent a fortune decking out her son’s slick grey bedroom.

Only for him to leave cups and clothes festering in the space. She’ll probably be left to tidy up too!

We reckon Thomas Hall, from Boston, Lincolnshire, could get this sorted within a day.

But those pillows are definitely fit for the bin, as is that second unnecessary mattress.

Think you can beat this lot? You can enter the competition up until the 14 September here.

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