Watch How Quickly People Mask Up After Brutal Security Beatdown Prank

The rolling death toll of millions couldn’t convince ’em — but this sure did.

Russia may have found the solution to that tricky problem of getting people to wear masks.

Prankster Khiza_13 showed just how quickly anti-maskers will change their tune after witnessing a good ol’ fashioned Russian police beat down.

The ingenious set-up has the Instagram trickster dressed in a security guard uniform at a shopping mall, when he is approached by a man not wearing a mask.

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Unbeknownst to the unmasked shoppers following behind, the maskless man in front — who is about to get the beating of his life — is actually an actor.

“Mask! Where is your mask?!” the “security guard” demands, before producing a truncheon and mercilessly pounding the offender.

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And every time, the horrified people following behind pull masks out of nowhere and put them on faster than you can say “medical exemption”.

One poor terrified man hurriedly explains to the guard in Russian that he was just on his way to the pharmacy to buy a mask.

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Another highlight includes a young man U-turning and walking the wrong way back up the escalator as he tries to casually pretend he was always wearing his.

The most noticeable trend in the video, however, which has been watched on Instagram almost 4 million times, is that just about everyone caught had a mask in their possession… but just weren’t bothered wearing it.

Russia remains the fourth-hardest Covid hit country in the world, behind the US, Brazil and India, with 4.4million cases and more than 95k deaths.

On Monday, Dr Anthony Fauci told the Hugh Hewitt radio show that the country’s vaccination, Sputnik V, now looks “quite effective”, having previously displayed skepticism.

“I’ve taken a look at some of the reports. It looks pretty good,” he said, per Bloomberg.

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